For your next showdown, short film, play or other production wow your friends and colleagues with a fancy-pants prop on the cheap!

Use unorthodox methods and found materials to create a surprisingly realistic replica of a powerful weapon: The Colt Python!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For the prop we will need:

McDonalds Straw (type important)
Pen Light
Spray Paint
Baking/ Grilling Skewers
Balsa 1/16"

PVC Pipe Cutters
X-acto Knife
Cutting mat
White or wood glue
<p>this was it so far ill post it on my profile when im done</p>
I already made the frame and the cylinder but I don't know how to make the cylinder to roll over. Can you explain it ?<br><br><br>Oh yeah and if you want to make a working hammer and trigger check this out<br>http://science.howstuffworks.com/revolver2.htm
<p>sure look at the last part use a pen or a dowel</p>
<p>Can you explain better how you did this? I looked on the page, but couldn't figure it out...</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>omg thanks dude ima post pics later but hey message me if you ever wanna team up i kinda had a few diffrent ideas on mine if its ok with you?</p>
<p>Awesome. instructables. it's shining like steel. </p>
<p>that is a .44, but still that is a pretty good prop</p>
Great instrucable, I didn't follow the instructions perfectly, but it came out awesome looking.
<p>I followed the link that 2pac posted and these instructions and it turned out great! And I plated it with tin-foil and nickel instead of spray-paint and to add some weight, it looks just like a Colt king cobra. Thanks for posting this! It really helped!</p>
I know a guy with a real one
Awesome looking prop; I'd love to build it sometime. I was very impressed with the compact and descriptive intro opposed to the normal intro which doesn't say what you will use it for and/or what the building of the project will be like.
gentlemen... this reminds me of the revover for the spy in tf2
good job on the scematics and the build it was clear and understand able 100 out of 10
<strong>This is just awesome....</strong>
wow! This would go <em>great</em> with a spy costume from tf2, just reverse the paint job :-D<br/>
dear santa
Oslo; I suggest that you add an extra inch to the barrel and take the finger notches out of the grip. Your project excites me.
thanks, i'm getting to work right now <sup></sup><sup> probably going to make a few modifications like you say, but essentially the same thing.</sup><br/>gentlemen<br/>
also, i hope you win one of the prizes :D
Thanks for subscribing, thanks for the support, your project still excites me. Mentlegen.
You got blood on my suit. Excellent thinking.
so should the &quot;whole grip&quot; that's in the middle only have the hammer, or do all three have it?
Nice!<br>I followed your instructions, and it turned out AWESOME!<br>I used cardboard for almost everything because I didn't have any balsa wood, I just used a regular pen and a dollar store pack of straws for the tube thingy the bullet comes out of =D. I used silver duct tape for the silver parts of the gun and I stretched a black balloon over the grip to make it be black, because I had no spray paint. I also used tape instead of glue just about everywhere. I just love how interchangeable the required parts were! Good job to you sir, and I look forward to using this gun as a prop in my next spy movie! =D
Epic gun, but if your gonna carry it paint the end bit orange
This is Brilliant welldone! Going to add this to my props group if you don't mind :D
Do you have to use a light pen or can you use a normal pen?:)
Why do you need to use a light pen? Does a normal pen work?
someone should download the pdf and email it too me. :)
I love the Mythbusters where they see if the muzzle blast from this gun can cut off your finger. Confirmed : )
First thing i thought when i saw this was &quot;ZOmg! that reminds me of the 357. for Half-Life 2!&quot;
There are too many flaws in your design. the grip is much too small. the plan for the cylander is too flawe. the holke for the cylander must be cut before the layers are glued together, or it will rip, like mine. the parrern is too complex. and cardstock is not a good building material. please consider re-writing the instructions, they are confusing, and do not cover everything.
yeah but he made a good looking model and it doesn't have to look 100% like a .357
I think the instructions were fine! In fact, I made my own version of this based mostly off of the Instructable... https://www.instructables.com/id/Colt-Python-357-Magnum-Model/<br />
cardstock is an excellent building material
Yes, yes it is. I used some on my newest model and it is AMAZING when you use it with wood glue.<br />
Well. If you would please compile a list of your complaints, personal message them to me and I will try to address them in a future edit.
Can u shoot it?
It's made of cardboard.... :D
AWSOME! *excuse me* BEYOND AWSOME! This is like DA BOMB. 5*s and a subscription for you!
how t oyou make hte indentations in the cylander? i cant make one if this isnt explained.
The hexagonal tube structure is covered with the 3 1/2" sheet of cardstock, which had been nicked an inch in from where the space between the cylinder was marked on the aforementioned sheet of cardstock. Then, the slits are covered with six of the "Cylinder pieces" I put in the schematics.
ahh thanks heaps, I didnt notice the cylinder pieces
thx alot for the guide
dude like can you like restate how to make the handle and stuff cause i cant get it<br />
OK, so the three big cardboard pieces go in the middle, and the two small pieces go on the outside, like this:<br /> Small-Big-Big-Big-Small<br /> Then squish them together. Remember to cut your cylinder hole before you glue. Happy Building!<br />
No problem! Thanks for commenting and remember to vote!
I promise this is my last post... because I finished my gun! (finally!) Here is a link to the video demonstration:<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Colt-Python-357-Magnum-Model/<br />
cool gun, I&nbsp;have made some guns&nbsp;basically the same way<br /> mine are mostly made out of paper though with some cardboard reinforcements. <br />
What I was thinking was, if cardboard is to flimsy for you, you can make it the exact same way, just out of some kind of thinner wood. That way, it wont be as "flimsy", it would be a little easier to shape, and it would give it some added weight. Great intructable btw

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