Here I show my completed Cardboard arcade cabinet. I do not have any pictures of the build, but I will tell you the basic idea, then you can built to your liking

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Heres the things you need

-5 or 6 cardboard boxes, the same size is the best, so you should use the boxes that you buy copy paper in. Thats what I used

-An Old CRT television, from 9" to 13"

-A PS 1, PS 2, or xbox

-A Game for that console

-Blue painters tape


-A box opener blade, xacto, scissors
Hey good job but you need air vents I have built one of these to and without proper<br>Cooling it melts
do you think you I could use a portable dvd player as a screen
&nbsp;Sure you could, you would have to find the correct cable to use your video game console with it. Fortunately, in using a dvd player screen you will be able to save weight and not have to try to support a heavy tv with cardboard. Good luck with your project!<br /> Scott
thanks for the info I don't exactly have at tv to spare right now
I just finished it today and it works like a dream. I ended up putting pacman world for ps1 in it
&nbsp;dude .... tahts DANGERUS not all portable dvd players do it so my recomendation is to ignore the author as u ca fry ur pdvd player and burn your house down
&nbsp;It should be fine if he has the correct cables to connect his dvd player to his game console...
Heat build up may be more of an issue...
Cardboard CAN look stunning (ie. http://kartongroup.com.au/) by well planned design and execution. I don't think cardboard has the structural properties required for an arcade machine though.
Im going to try to use a 19 inch hdtv and make it higher up using more boxes<br />
Man, that thing is fugly. But I congratulate you on it nonetheless. I thought the TV would be too heavy and it would collapse. Did you reinforce it at all?
&nbsp;LOL Tape waster -.-
haha very (very very very very very) cheap, but very creative. should make it bigger though, so you can stand up and play? or have chairs or something, otherwise its kinda useless.
a great idea. well done!
Reminds me of something I tried doing when I was ten (only had an Atari 2600 Rev. 3 to work with) Even had my little brother putting coins in the "money hole" until he figured out that he could play it for free.
Lol...<br />
Most. Useful. Comment. Ever.
u no wat wood be sweet, is 4 namcomusuem u can use a keyboard, i would of hacked the keyboard, and put it in there
Good idea! But if you could find a way (slots maybe) you would not have to use so much tape, then it would look much better. Just a suggestion.
This reminds me of a guy in the uk (I live in Aberdeen,Scotland), he was on a program called 'that's Life' He (the guy) called himself 'The human jukebox' a big carboard box with a list of songs..you speak into a'hole' the song you want & the guy say's please insert 50p in the slot..lol... once he get's the 50p (about a dollar) he opens a porthole that looks like a speaker grill...and shows his face & sings. Back to the arcade cabinet, it would still be to flimsy with a tube screen & also top heavy, it would need wood/metal framework and weights on the bottom back if cabinet. Still it's ok

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