We made a costume out of cardboard for my son. It has articulating wings and helmet. I was able to make this in about 5 hours since i have a laser cutter and CAD software at my business, www.salient-tech.com

Step 1: Design and Cutting the Pieces.

  1. I drew this up in Solidworks
    1. measured my son
    2. picked good places for wing articulation based on his arm length
    3. designed 3 sizes of feathers just to fill in the main parts
  2. Cut out the pieces
    1. you could use a blade.... i happen to have a laser... so that helps.

<p>The simplicity and the beautiful design of this costume is what really caught my eye. I love it!</p><p>It looks great. Good job. You have one lucky kid. </p>
<p>I painted it to look like metal. </p>
Looks pretty neat...

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Bio: Designer, inventor, engineer www.salient-tech.com
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