Cardboard boats!  Fun for big and little ones alike.  Plus, if one of your nautical vessels should crash, sink, or float away to broader horizons, it isn’t a great loss (more of an opportunity to make some new ones).

Step 1: Supplies/Tools

  • ·         Scrap cardboard
  • ·         Scrap wax/candles (white is the most see-through)
  • ·         Double boiler
  • ·         Tape
  • ·         Low-temp glue gun
  • ·         Scissors
  • ·         Xacto knife
  • ·         Quarter (not pictured)
Tape and hot glue are interchangeable in this instructable, so I made both kinds of boats.
<p>dude, you know instead of wax you could just tape all over it, water slips right off tape</p>
I'm thinking about making a <br>version that could hold me...
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Cool beans!
At what temperature do you double-boil the wax roughly?
Thanks for bringing that up!<br><br>Under constant supervision, put your double boiler on low heat. You can always raise the temperature slowly, if need be.<br><br>@MrCantThinkOfAName: you really don't need to keep it melted for long. When I was dipping the boats, I had it sitting on a trivet completely off the heat (you can actually see it in step 7 - the trivet is sitting on my ruddy kitchen tiles).<br><br>Thanks for the comments! I think I will edit the appropriate steps. :)
I'd probably guess medium to high temp to melt it, and then a low-medium to keep it melted.

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