OK, so this is my first instructable, so be gentle!  What to do with an old cardboard box?  Easy, make a moose head with it...  I'll show you how.

Takes about 2-3 hours.

Step 1: You Will Need

There is a good chance you already have all the bits and pieces necessary already (making this pretty much FREE to make!).  Here's a list of what you'll need:

- Large cardboard box
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Stanley knife (or box cutter)
- Ruler
- Cutting mat
- Sellotape
- Hot glue gun
- Computer & projector (or an A4/A3 printer instead)
- Template ZIP file (Cardboard-Moose-Head-Template.zip) attached
Incredible that you did this without a cnc
<p>this is the first time I've made a cardboard head so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think I'll paint him and hang baubles from his antler! Thanks for the instructions.</p>
<p>Hehe, that looks epic! Really nice backdrop wallpaper too :) Good time of year to make one too... Thanks very much for posting it up. Might have to create a gallery of all the peeps that have made one now.</p>
<p>How do I print this on a normal printer with 8-1/2&quot; x 11&quot; paper? I'm having trouble with file #3, it seems so small compared to the others. What basic program can I use to scale them all? Thank you! @N36</p>
<p>Hi there, I have used Corel Draw in the past for multi-page borderless printing but you should also be able to do it in Illustrator I imagine. In Corel in the print page dialogue box you have the option to enlarge over as many A4/A3 pages as you want and it will automatically calculate the print size. You just have to trim the blank borders and all the pages match up perfectly. Hope that helps...</p>
<p>Les quedo muy bien ya intentare y veremos como me sale .</p><p>Hay algun situio para mas de estos modelos?</p>
<p>Hola, no hay planes para nuevos modelos a&uacute;n, pero podr&iacute;a hacerlo en alg&uacute;n momento.</p>
<p>I like this head more, but when i download the template, i cannot open the file . can you please send the template via my email: tranthaibao13010@gmail.com.</p><p>thank you ever so much!</p>
<p>Hi there, just checked the files and they download and open ok here (on Mac). Please try on another computer (I'll also email you the zip file). Hope it works.</p>
<p>We love it! Such a great project over the holidays when lots of boxes are available.</p>
do you have this file in clipart or vectors?
only in bitmap gif's. But I could make them into vectors if needed.
yes please i would really need this in vectors, if possible.
hey thank u N36 here is my black foamcore moose head all done
hey ladyluck that looks really great! the foam core looks very smart too, really loving it. I think I'll have to have an experiment with that as well :) thanks again for posting up your photo. Really nice to see what others can do with it.
sorry for the multiple pics i tried deletin them wouldnt let me lol
hey there this is great thank u soo much i did mine out of foam core much easier than cardboard and less messy but i absolutely love these hangings , here r mine i did 2 buck and a doe making the moose one next , im turning my bedroom into a hunting lodge theme so anymore animal heads u make i would love to get too once again thankxx :):)
Those are awesome! Thanks so much for posting them :) They look so much better than real dead ones and look great in your lodge. The moose should look pretty great too I reckon. Please post an image when you get round to it!
I cant view the file on my phone does it work on a computer?
Yea should work fine on computer. It should also work on phones as the attached is just .gif image files... <br>
I like it a lot,it look so cool! <br>(So much better than kill one to behead it) <br>I will love to see a rhino too : )
I added a few more sections, but your template was great, fun project
hehe, that's awesome, thanks for posting it :)
As promised: new Cardboard Box Stag Deer Head Wall Hanging Instructable uploaded :) <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Box-Stag-Deer-Head-Wall-Hanging/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Box-Stag-Deer-Head-Wall-Hanging/</a>
Just got myself a new BIG cardboard box... will be releasing another animal Instructable in the next few weeks...
great instructable! took a while to make but i did it
Excellent! Got a pic?!
this is cool!!! Good job!
Would love to see you do more animals! Rhino? Great instructables and great idea!
Thanks, will see what I can do... need to get me some more cardboard!
good job thats pretty neat
fantastic ! thank you for sharing !
:) thanks glad you guys like it
wow awsome thing to do if you add tape over the top and a cheap fur could it look like a moose
This is excellent!!
That's cool as it is, but would also make a decent &quot;skeleton&quot; for a more realistic version with some some sort of skin.
Hmm yea that sounds good: sticky back plastic cover with textured moose hide on top. Will have to look out for some of that. Could also do a papier mache over the top and paint it.

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