Cardboard box solar ovens make a great summer project for the family. Not only are they fun to make, but they are also fun to make food in. You get to use an all natural souce- the sun!

Many things can be cooked in them. Hotdogs, English muffins just to name a few. It may take a little longer to cook with them but they sure are worth it in the end.

Step 1: Materials.

Things you will need:
1) Cardboard box - I used an old rollerblade box
2) Aluminum foil
3) Nontoxic glue or tape - I used Scotch Magic Tape 810
4) Black construction paper - I didn't have any of this so I used some black cloth
5) Plastic wrap
6) A pencil
7) Scissors
8) Permanent Marker
9) Grill rack to put the food on
<p>Hey, does this work in the middle of winter?? I'm building a solar oven for a school project, and it needs to increase 10 degrees Celsius.</p>
<p>Did it work? I was going to give you an answer, to the best of my knowledge, but then realized that this was 4 months ago, so you probably already know more than I do about it. I'm just thinking about making one for fun and looking for ideas. </p>
Yes, surprisingly it did! I got full credit on the assignment as well as a delicious s'more!
<p>Awesome! I was going to say it should work fine in winter, but I wasn't really sure. It's good to know. </p>
Do you have a thermometer to make sure the temp.is high enough to kill any bacteria ?
<p>I just noticed this was 4 years ago, but... You can, and should, use an instant read thermometer to check the internal temperature of whatever you are cooking. Generally accepted temp for reheating fully cooked foods like hotdogs is 160 F. </p>
<p>hi I&quot;am chima</p>
<p>too much tape</p>
<p>what up pepes!!</p>
now if you could find a way to incorperate high explosives........
wow. it's great idea.
If you want the oven to get hotter faster and retain that heat longer then find a box that is longer, deeper and wider. Set your already made oven inside the larger box with insulating material surrounding it. Use tape and strips of cardboard to seal the inner box to the outer box. This will make a good retained heat cooker if the clouds appear. Just cover with a blanket or sleeping bag. Happy cooking
&quot;:Let them cook for a couple of hours&quot; Seriously? That seems like a long time for something I can cook in micro in a minute or so. I'm looking for something in which to cook cake or cookies, biscuits -- I know, all are good for me! Can you give me an idea of times for such foods? Thank you for posting. It's an idea I've been interested in for a long time.

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