As an addition to my Cardboard Box Moose Head Wall Hanging, here is a Stag Deer version! Just as easy to make as the Moose Head.

Step 1: You will need

Once again there is a good chance you already have all the bits and pieces necessary already (making this pretty much FREE to make!).  Here's a list of what you'll need:

- Large cardboard box
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Stanley knife (or box cutter)
- Ruler
- Cutting mat
- Sellotape
- Hot glue gun
- Computer & projector (or an A4/A3 printer instead)
- Template ZIP file (Cardboard-Box-Stag-Deer-Template.zip) attached
I made it ! That was really nice one??????.
<p>yes!! My printer broke so had to trace it :(. Small but good.</p>
Actually i'll need some video to make it easy
<p>This looks really cool-do you have plans for any other animal patts?</p>
<p>That Looks Awesome...........I Love It !!!!</p>
<p>this is a awesome idea for the next step, I am actually gonna try it with wood. wish me luck</p>
<p>I made it! Thanks a lot!!</p>
That looks perfectly done! Nice one thanks for posting a pic. Did you darken the cardboard edges too?
<p>I used laser cutting machine, so the cardboard edges becomes black. </p>
<p>we made it for our Advent calendar ..! Looks lovely...</p>
<p>Great idea! thanks for positing up a pic :) and have a great christmas...</p>
<p>Hi!<br>I made one too :) Mine is a little big and i made it by hand without projector so some things are not really good... but it's great in my living room !</p>
hey there! looks amazing :D thanks for posting a photo of it!
<p>I'm making one, and changing the template because I think the head is too squashed looking. Very nice and thank you for the templates.</p>
Here is my version.&nbsp; I used the provided template and a projector.&nbsp; I painted it white just to change it up a bit.&nbsp; I used a brush on primer and then white spray paint.&nbsp; I wanted primer to cover up some of the blemishes from sloppy cutting and the used cardboard.&nbsp; If you use the primer/paint apply in slow layers to getting the card to wet and causing warping.<br> <br> I used the double thickness cardboard which makes this very strong.<br> <br> I didn't have an exacto knife for the more intricate cuts but I would make sure to get one next time.&nbsp; And also buy new razor blades.&nbsp; I also just used a long wood screw for the mounting bracket (by the end I was tired of cutting cardboard.)&nbsp;<br> <br> Thanks for sharing the instructions - it was pretty fun and I (and others) love the results.&nbsp; I am interested in mixing up the colors or covering material and doing it again.&nbsp; If I do i will share.
Hey there, thanks for posting up your images. It looks really great in white. Good job on the mounting screw too, that was a good idea. I might also do some more with some decent modern pattern wrapping paper on each side. Or get some nice thick perspex or ply wood laser cut... :)
Nice work dude !!
These are great. Ill be making one for christmas decor this year. Thanks for sharing!
Love these. Do you have a shop where you sell these? or kits for them?
Glad you like them :) I've got some spare card and could probably make you one up if you like. PM me and we can go from there :)

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