Step 2: Projecting or Printing the Stag Deer Template

I used my projector for this next step as it allowed me to scale up the stag deer to the size of the box I had, but you can use your printer if you use Poster Printing to span multiple pages (especially in Corel Draw or Illustrator in printing preferences).

- Cut up the box into flat pieces
- Project the template files onto a wall and trace around them with a pencil
- If printing, use masking tape to loosely stick the designs over the cardboard for cutting out the design

NOTE: if printing, make sure you keep the scaling the same size so that all the pieces are the right proportionate size.  If projecting, make sure 'Actual Size' is selected in your image viewer, for the same reasons.
I made it ! That was really nice one??????.
<p>yes!! My printer broke so had to trace it :(. Small but good.</p>
Actually i'll need some video to make it easy
<p>This looks really cool-do you have plans for any other animal patts?</p>
<p>That Looks Awesome...........I Love It !!!!</p>
<p>this is a awesome idea for the next step, I am actually gonna try it with wood. wish me luck</p>
<p>I made it! Thanks a lot!!</p>
That looks perfectly done! Nice one thanks for posting a pic. Did you darken the cardboard edges too?
<p>I used laser cutting machine, so the cardboard edges becomes black. </p>
<p>we made it for our Advent calendar ..! Looks lovely...</p>
<p>Great idea! thanks for positing up a pic :) and have a great christmas...</p>
<p>Hi!<br>I made one too :) Mine is a little big and i made it by hand without projector so some things are not really good... but it's great in my living room !</p>
hey there! looks amazing :D thanks for posting a photo of it!
<p>I'm making one, and changing the template because I think the head is too squashed looking. Very nice and thank you for the templates.</p>
Here is my version.&nbsp; I used the provided template and a projector.&nbsp; I painted it white just to change it up a bit.&nbsp; I used a brush on primer and then white spray paint.&nbsp; I wanted primer to cover up some of the blemishes from sloppy cutting and the used cardboard.&nbsp; If you use the primer/paint apply in slow layers to getting the card to wet and causing warping.<br> <br> I used the double thickness cardboard which makes this very strong.<br> <br> I didn't have an exacto knife for the more intricate cuts but I would make sure to get one next time.&nbsp; And also buy new razor blades.&nbsp; I also just used a long wood screw for the mounting bracket (by the end I was tired of cutting cardboard.)&nbsp;<br> <br> Thanks for sharing the instructions - it was pretty fun and I (and others) love the results.&nbsp; I am interested in mixing up the colors or covering material and doing it again.&nbsp; If I do i will share.
Hey there, thanks for posting up your images. It looks really great in white. Good job on the mounting screw too, that was a good idea. I might also do some more with some decent modern pattern wrapping paper on each side. Or get some nice thick perspex or ply wood laser cut... :)
Nice work dude !!
These are great. Ill be making one for christmas decor this year. Thanks for sharing!
Love these. Do you have a shop where you sell these? or kits for them?
Glad you like them :) I've got some spare card and could probably make you one up if you like. PM me and we can go from there :)

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