There are limitless possibilities for using cardboard. This instructable shows many projects, short descriptions, included photos, mouth watering ideas, can't wait to get started prompts, where does the time go, I can't do it all, I LOVE cardboard , ad infinitum ways to envision it, design it, construct it, use it and how to enjoy the whole process! Build it, don't buy it! There are, of course many more ways to slice it (the cardboard) but I don't want to overdo it all at once.

Step 1: Wall Hangings

Thank you for idea
<p>Thank you so much! I have a lot of new ideas thanks to you.</p>
I make faux rocks by weaving a web of cardboard strips into the outer shape I want and coating them like you.
https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-and-ductape-lego-storage-box-Caja-para/ <br> :)
thanks for the ideas!
CARDBOARD BIKE&nbsp;<a href="http://lnkz.us/5l1a9oc" rel="nofollow">http://lnkz.us/5l1a9oc</a>
how did you attach the shelves, please? I've got several small ie shallow boxes that hold various A4 paper and labels, but at the moment they're stacked, and you can bet whichever one I want will be at the bottom of the stack! As paper weighs a bit when there's a lot of it, I'd need securely-fixed shelves. Ps I'm not so much low-tech as no-tech, so would need a fairly simple way to hold them - more secure than I've managed so far, anyway!
I just saw this in the side panel of my stackable toy box instructable and clicked and was amazed at the masks and cardboard lettering, and furniture. wow...amazing use of cardboard!
Thanks for noticing!
I am definately impressed with this instructable. I especially like the craft paint organizer. In fact I liked it so much I featured it in my article http://www.squidoo.com/acrylic-craft-paints
Thank you. Nice article btw.
<strong>Step 7: </strong><em>Project Boxes</em><br> simple as it is, i love this one. i have tons of ideas going at once, so these would really neaten up my spaces.
Hi Creative Man! We love the cardboard too :-) Check http://www.cardboarders.com , it's about all sorts of cardboard artists!
Checked out you site, pretty amazing work my man! The laser cutting has been out of my reach but I can see where it &quot;adds&quot; a new dimension to this type of art. Great projects, keep up the good work.
Hi! Don't you have a fablab in your area? I love that concept!
Have never heard of one....besides, I like the concept of making stuff with reg. tools, easily obtained, and once paid for, there is no charge for making stuff. Which underlies the concept of &quot;free material&quot; that is reusable, recyclable, etc. That material is everywhere.
hi<br>can i have the dimensions for the tool organizer<br>thanks
Oh wow, this is nifty! Now, I gotta find a place to put THIS new addition to my laundry routine.
Thats awesome...
Too Cool!! I never finished my cardboard shelving project. Totally inspired. And I clearly need a bandsaw if I plan to continue building with cardboard. :) Great job!
thumbs up for Trader Joe's!!
...actually the drawer dividers are a bit like the post below form Beagles but I cut out pieces rather than use existing small boxes.
Thanks for your comments davee52uk
I have made a series of dividers that fit into Ikea wirde drawers. These are for my pants (underwear, I don't know what they are called in USA) and socks. Also hope to do something similar for shoes and sweaters.<br><br>Also how about an Art folder for carrying pictures about? Need a large cardboard box to start with. <br><br>I used to make boxes to store paper when I was a teacher and got pupils to do the cutting when they were in Detention !<br><br>Also there is the whole are of card modelling. There are vast numbers of card models available from manufacturers in Germany and Poland.
I have made model boats out of cardboard. You need to spray the cardbaord with car paint and then paint normally. This should make the hull water proof.<br><br>I have made a number of boats with electric power.
Forgot one. When it comes to organizing that shelf in a closet, I get the same size boxes and pile them on their sides to form &quot;pigeon holes&quot;. Good for storing hats, scarves, gloves, and so many more items. Use any size box that is useful and meets your needs.
Very creative ideas here. A couple of things I made, are slip cover boxes for back issuse of magazines and trays for holding (about 25) CD's on shelves or in a cupboard.
Creativeman, I didn't want this to end!<br> <br> You have given me <strong>so</strong> many ideas. I want a bandsaw!<br> <br> <strong><em>Thank you</em></strong> for taking the time to post all this!
&nbsp;did you paint these yourself? they look great. &nbsp;If not, how did you copy them onto the cardboard?
painted on with acrylic paint. thanks for your comment. Cman<br />
&nbsp;i LOVE this!!! im totally going to make something like this for my mom - she ADORES chickens. &lt;3
You're so very talented and creative! Stunning flowers, leaves and butterfly!<br />
C<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; O<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; O<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; L
You don't happen to like cardboard much, do you?<br /> <br /> ;)<br />
These projects bring back memories. I&nbsp;used to make macaroni and cheese for my children when younger and used all the cheese box bottoms for things. I took four and put in a larger box to make drawers for each child for storing stuff. I&nbsp;did paint them each a different color first. I used left over and found knobs for handles. Ribbon strung thru two holes worked, too. I have even made drawers for the Barbie houses. Faster and cheaper than plastic canvas crafts.
This really made my day. I like how you respond to every comment with a thanks. <br /> -Typogoddess<br />
Thanks for the comment, Typogoddess!&nbsp; Cman<br />
Very good, five stars.<br /> <br /> You've solved tons of these problems, but you've created one more:<br /> <br /> Finding enough cardboard.
wow ! That's a lot of ideas ! I really like the letters and signs !
Thank you! Cman
Those flowers are beautiful!
Thank you, Mella. Cman
Great work! I suggest adding links for all the projects that have separate I'bles.
Thanks gmj: You know I have tried using the link box, and it doesn't work. I went to community forum and looked up some directions, but on my computer, it won't put the link in orange, which, I assume, means that it is a "link". I just get the black type and no active linkage...??????any suggestions? Cman
As Chrysn said. You can do the links like this,<br/><pre>[https://www.instructables.com/ Here is a link to Instructables]</pre>Ensure the space between the link, and the description.<br/>
Lemonie taught me to do this and it works like this: you put a square bracket before the address, a space after the address, the word you want the hyperlink to say, and another square bracket. It won't be orange on your computer and you won't even see it until it's in the 'ible. It's not about your computer at all, it's a language that this site reads once you send it the code. Try again Cman.

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