With the help of my cat Yoko, here is how to create a wonderfull cardboard cat house.

I'm sure your cats will enjoy it very much as mine.

Step 1: What Do You Need

  1. A lot of cardboard (large enough)
  2. A pencil
  3. A compass
  4. Paper glue (one that is non toxic)
  5. A cutter
  6. A measuring tool (meter)

Note that if you don't have a large enough compass (for the biggest diameters about 50 cm) you may use a homemade tool with a piece of wood, your pencil, a screw or a nail and two clamps. See the photo.

<p>that's neat!<br>Would you allow me to do a laser cut version of your instructables? I'm a pretty lazy person I would rather laser cut my carboard/wood that cutting it with cisors or cutter ;)</p>
Yes why not.<br>But could you explain me what is laser cut?<br>Thanks a lot.
<p>A laser cutter (or engraver) is a machine that can cut a lot of material depending of its power. Mine can cut up to 1/2 inches of wood. If you want to see what it looks like check out my instructables I did a couple of video explaning how to laser engrave pumpkin and chocolate.<br>I also have a youtube chanel with more laser cut stuff :)</p>
<p>I am old (75); I guess I can't use utube correctly, but I did a search by name &amp; by project, but didn't find u. Can u help me?</p>
<p>I haven't done the cat igloo house yet but you can subscribe to my youtube chanel to get notified anytime I post a new video :)<br>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFt72rndXhmQTsK1zcIm5Vg</p>
<p>Thanks for the explanation.<br>I'll look to your instructables.</p>
<p>laser cutting is where instead of cutting with scissors cut with laser</p>
<p>I voted for you! 3 cats here, but only one is super playful... oh well! I will have to make one!</p>
Thank a lot for your vote.<br>Try this your cats will love it :)
<p>you know what?, i love cat, so you get my vote </p>
You know what? I love cat too :)<br>Thanks for your vote :)<br>Have a good day :)
<p>Voted, need to make some for my cats</p>
<p>love it, just need to start collecting cardboard and your English is great.?</p>
Thanks a lot.<br>Don't hesitate to vote for my cat ;)<br>Good luck on collecting cardboard.
<p>Voted. Now I just need a cat...</p>
<p>Thanks for your vote.<br>Have a cat it's a wonderfull animal :)</p>
<p>Ca a l'air pas mal comme id&eacute;e pour une niche avec des mat&eacute;riaux de r&eacute;cup.<br>Je vais essayer de le faire !<br>Merci !</p>
<p>This is so cute and clever. C'est magnifique!</p>
<p>Cool. I have to make one. Voted!</p>
Thanks for your vote :)
<p>Have to try this! I'm always looking for cool ideas to keep our two girls amused! What cat wouldn't like a homemade hide out?</p>
<p>Awesome dude</p>
always expect the unexpected. thanks for this. it's great. simple materials. think I' gonna make one, nope! ELEVEN, since I have 11 cats. ...
WAW eleven cats.<br>It's wonderful :)
YEAH ELEVEN CATS!!!! eleven more stomach to feed...but our family love cats. Pretty obvious from the number of pets we have.<br>
<p>voted for u </p>
Thanks :)<br>Have a good day :)
<p>awesome project :)</p>
<p>I love this! I definitly want to make this for my little guy :-)</p>
So cute, I love it! Well done. Your cat looks like he loves it very much. My cats are all outside cats so I don't know how well it would work for them but I voted for you I liked it a lot.
<p>Mike Echo Oscar Whiskey! Repeat, Mike Echo Oscar Whiskey! My cat's gonna love this! Over.</p>
<p>Beautifully done....You just got my vote :) All the best.</p>
<p>Thanks a lot for your vote :)</p>
<p>I'm reviewing my english because I'll to London soon. I'm from Belgium. So if you see any mistakes, tell me. Thanks :)</p>
<p>Your English is better than most Americans. LOL</p>
<p>Exactly sniffydogs!</p>
LOL thank you :)
<p>Economic? Yes.</p><p>Cute? Cute.</p><p>Meow? Meow.</p><p>Hotel? Trivago.</p>
<p>Hee! Your funny! Live Long and Prosper!</p>
<p>Congratulations! House and cat are cute, both.</p>
<p>Super cute, both the project AND the cat ! Tr&egrave;s chic upcycling project for Yoko's house !!! It takes a lot of patience and loving :)</p>
<p>Thanks for my cat :)<br>Yes I love him :)</p>
<p>This is awesome! It reminds me of the layered cardboard computer case I made. I neglected to realize that my cats would not differentiate between my PC tower and their Kong layered cardboard cat scratcher. LOL.</p>
<p>Simply Awesome!</p>
<p>My cats would love it! They love to hide in cardboard boxes, gives them a quiet, dark place to sleep. Of course Homey would enjoy sharpening her claws on it, but cardboard is cheap and plentiful so I can always make a new one. Thanks.</p>
<p>Thanks for this easy to follow instructable and putting together a PDF file with all the measurements. Love the photo of your kitty enjoying the new hide-away spot.</p>
<p>I voted for the cardboard contest!</p>
<p>Thanks a lot</p>
<p>Got my vote.</p><p>I'll try and make it next time I'm looking for a pet project</p>

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