Cardboard Cat Scratcher





Introduction: Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Ever get sick of spending your hard earned money on cat crap for your cat(s)? know, like that stupid $10 "Cat Scratcher" know the one, the block of cut down and glued cardboard strips?

Every time I'd buy one, I'd shake my head. Might as well give my cats $10 to play with and eat.

This is a great solution for you. As it's been for me.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

You'll need the following:

1. A cat (in my case Three).
2. A piece of Card Board - 32x24 (I used 3 due to the amount of cats).
3. A razor for cutting.
4. A 36 Inch ruler (I like the metal ones).
5. Some glue.
6. Optional Cat Marijuana.

Step 2: Prepping...

Lay down the card board onto a cutting table (any table you don't mind ruining...or perhaps put something under it)

Measure two inch lines for each cut. This allows a good depth. Not to mention that once one side is shredded to nothing, it can simply be flipped over.

Once your lines are plotted, use your rule and blade to cut out the pieces.

Step 3: Final Steps...

Next you're going to apply glue to each strip. Start placing them together, one on-top of another. Continue until done.

With the Optional Cat Marijuana, you can sprinkle some along with the glue, every other strip. Though, this isn't needed. Cats will scratch regardless to sharpen their claws. This was merely for some added enjoyment on my part. It's always fun to see your cats go mental.

Find something heavy to place on-top of the strips while the glue dries. I used a couple of bricks.

Step 4: Now Let the Cats Enjoy!

Now it's time to let the cats enjoy their new scratcher.

Put it on the floor or next to something those little bastards scratch...and magic...they'll love it!!!! Add some Cat Marijuana...and enjoy the chaos.

Step 5: Summing Up.

I hate spending money on things I can make.

This is a prime example.

The cardboard was free from work. Alternatives could be local stores with fridge boxes...could be cut down and used as well.

The glue, I had around...but every crafter should have a gallon or so.

Everything else I had around my loft.

I don't feel I spent any money on this 30 minute project. Was fun doing, killed some time...and now my cat's can keep themselves healthy...and stop ruining my furniture.

Hope you all enjoyed!!!



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I made this thing awhile ago in anticipation for cats. At first, they didn't know what it was and kept sitting on it. Eventually, they figured out what it was for and they both use it regularly.

I ended up duct taping it together instead of gluing it, but it still works. They got their claws stuck in the duct tape the first few uses, though :/

This is really cool and saves moeny I made this because we have tons of cardboard

We always have heaps of cardboard around, the sad thing is, I just bought 2 ! Next time I will use your great idea, thanks!


Might as well use it where you can!

Glad I'll have saved you some money in the future!


Awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Especially the part that added the catnip. Thanks

Thanks! I suppose it would be illegal to use up my postal cardboard boxes in this way!!

Like anyone really cares about that

I plan on starting this ASAP, but I've been pretty spoiled since I can get the scratchers for only $2-3 at Big Lots.

This was pretty f awesome. Thanks!! I had a good laugh too, now I'm off to make a cat scratcher. I have about ten million cardboard boxes so... I was 6 and a half seconds away from buying a $10 scratcher! Now I'm just moments away from making my own.