Cardboard Catch-all Shelf (2nd Edition)





Introduction: Cardboard Catch-all Shelf (2nd Edition)

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Though it's served its purpose, the Cardboard Catch-all Shelf I made to toss my stuff on just wasn't all that pretty. This one, however, not only holds a phone and keys, but also looks pretty nice!

Step 1: You'll Need. . .

  • - the template here (can be modified in Photoshop/G.I.M.P./similar programs to add designs or patters - the shelf can also be made without the paper if you like the look of plain cardboard) - note that you should cut so that the gray portions are left behind; the thick black lines are the tab cuts and the thin black lines are folds
  • - some cardboard (enough for an 8" diameter round and a 9"x4" strip)
  • - scissors
  • - glue (if you want to stick the paper on, if not, you don't need it)
  • - some push pins

Step 2: Cut and Hang

  1. Attach the templates to the cardboard using glue. If your cardboard has folds like mine did, make sure to align those with the folds that will be made in the final shelf.
  2. Cut out the two pieces
  3. Cut the tabs in both pieces and make the folds
  4. Slide the two together
  5. Use the push pins to affix it to the wall
  6. Enjoy your pretty new shelf!



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I was thinking you might try adding a Lip to the top so as to catch change. or other small items

 this is just awesome. great idea and way to use those extra boxes laying around once you move in.


this must catch everything huh?

This is very cool and green also!! I love it!!

Thanks so much! All your comments are so nice!

That's so nice of you, thank you! Please feel free to post pictures if you make one.

Thanks so much for your suggestions! Personally, I don't mind the pins since they end up being almost totally covered, but velcro might also work if the pins where bothersome. I don't know if soap would side off, but that's an interesting idea!

Good idea! A pretty easy concept to modify too... I like you key-ring too,

if you coat the cardboard with a thin layer of polyurethane it should protect it from moisture, and make it look pretty