Introduction: Cardboard Cell Phone Case.

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I have had my cell phone's droped, smashed and the screen broken in my bag. So I made this to protect it.

Step 1: Materials.

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What your going to need:
1. A Sharpie.
2. Scissors.
3. Your choice of tape.
4. Cell Phone.
5. And of course, Cardboard.

Step 2: Sizing.

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Now that you have your materials, you want to start on the case. Put your Cell Phone on the cardboard, and draw an out line slightly larger than the phone.

Step 3: Cutting.

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Start the cutting of the out line.

Step 4: Now for the Back.

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Now your going to want to cut out the back so make a design of your choosing. I like this design so I'm going to show you it.

Follow what the picture's show below.

Step 5: Bending

Picture of Bending

Now so the "lid" can go over start bending it to a "loose" bend.

Step 6: Middle Slit.

Picture of Middle Slit.

No you have to start the center piece. For the phone I'm showing you which is 3/4" I made it 1". Then you need to bend it to the shape of your Front or Back peace. Cut off excess if needed.

Step 7: Putting It Together.

Picture of Putting It Together.

Start Putting it Together.

Step 8: Adding Personal Touch.

Picture of Adding Personal Touch.

After you are done putting it together you can add your own personal touch. For me I covered it in Duct Tape for a kinda shiny look, but you can do what ever you want.

Step 9: Finished.

Picture of Finished.

Now you have a case that will withstand any dropage from 10ft. Slipped in you can have a nice secure hold on you Cell Phone.


musick_08 (author)2009-07-23

nice instructable, i made a case like this for my mp3 player but i just used duct tape.

knuckleboy (author)musick_082014-02-01

Yeah I know that one.

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