Introduction: Cardboard Cellphone Dock

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Title says it all

Step 1: Things

cutting item

Step 2: Start

Picture of Start

follow pics

pic1: draw general shape
pic2: cut out
pic3: trace first cut out
pic4: what you should have

Step 3:

Picture of

pic1:make and tape back
pic2: make and tape face
and bottom

Step 4: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

pic1: make and tape front
pic2: make and tape little bits

Step 5: Done!

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(())jAkE(()) (author)2009-08-30

dude i made an ipod dock and it looks almost exactly like this lol

wehe-tehe (author)(())jAkE(())2009-09-04

cool can you get a pic

(())jAkE(()) (author)wehe-tehe2009-09-05

sure just a sec

wehe-tehe (author)(())jAkE(())2009-09-20

what happened to that pic?

(())jAkE(()) (author)wehe-tehe2009-10-05

Sorry my camera broke I'll try and put it up today or tomorrow

wehe-tehe (author)(())jAkE(())2009-09-06


artix (author)2009-08-17

cool man

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