Picture of Cardboard Christmas Tree
If you're looking for a Christmas tree that's just a little greener, look no further. The Cardboard Christmas tree will cover your eco-holiday needs on a next to nothing budget. And it collapses flat for storage! Sounds good right?
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project you will need:
Cardboard - enough to make four tree stencils out of solid pieces, plus a little extra
Paper and pencil/ pen - or something to design your project
Straight edge or framing square
Box cutter or x-acto knife
Flour and water to make wheatpaste, or other glue
Brush for spreading glue (not pictured)
Binder clips (not pictured)
A helper is always handy

Step 2: Design and Transfer

The first step to this project will be to design your tree. I'm a fan of the old-fashioned pencil and paper, but you can do this however you please. After you have your design, figure out your proportions and transfer it onto cardboard. If your design is angular like mine, this is where a framing square will come in very handy. If you want to draw yopur tree freehand, skip the design step and hop straight to the cardboard. I have no problem with that.  (:
Framer20002 years ago
Beautiful tree. You inspired me to make my own this season. Thanks for sharing.
Have a good Christmas !
bethmwl2 years ago
Nice tree. I especially like the base design and ease.
SONIart4 years ago
It looks great !!!

Thanks for the nice share :)
twighahn4 years ago
one could color it with shiny green paint on the tree and silver on the star
imajem4 years ago
Your pictures are so small, they can't really be seen! You need to ix that!