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Introduction: Cardboard Claw Machine

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Hey guys here is my first instructable ENJOY!!

Step 1: Materials

Firstly this is practically a instructable only it was built many months before I got this app ( this is my first instructable! So please comment if you would like more instructables on the games I have in my cardboard arcade)


A cardboard tube
Toilet paper roll x2
Shoe box
Large box
Scissors or pocket knife ( the knife is defiantly Easter to use as it has more tools)
Light ( optional )
1 paper clip ( optional )
Metal coat hanger ( for the claw)
Poster ( optional )
Tape ( it MUST stick to cardboard )
Plastic container ( from something like cookies)
Plastic contact ( not clear)
Not all of the materials are in the picture because the project is already made!!!

Step 2: THE CLAW

First things first all you have to do is take your pliers and bend you coat hanger into the shape of the picture above bend each end into a curve; then take
Your toilet paper rolls : a single roll and find the center of either side of the role marking it with your marker. Take your knife or scissors and cut from the bottom of the roll to the mark you made before ( cut upwards from the bottom of the roll until you meet the marking). Then take he coat hanger claw pieces and slot them into the top of your cut slots tape around the base to stop the claw pieces from falling out
Finally take some of your string and attach it to the inside claw pieces pulling the newly tied string to the top of the roll ( this string when pulled closes the claw) then to finish it all off take the last pieces of the sting and attach tem to to top of the claw to hold it up and wrap The other end of the string around the the spare toilet roll ( tape the string end to the toilet paper roll) done

Step 3: Tube and Tracks

Take our ruler and place it about 10 cm from the top of the large box mark the spot then rotate he ruler long ways and draw a marking around the ruler cut it out do the same to the other side ( make sure your tube can fit on the tracks you have cut also make sure it does not fall through because it is not long enough for the box!)

Step 4: Easy As Cake

Finally all you must do is cut the window openings in the front of the box also cut off the tabs keep one as it will be used as the prize Shute
Take the shoe box and tape it to the forint as a fake joy stick also this is wear u put the plastic container inside the shoe box and cut a coin slot

The prize Shute is just a square cut to retrieve the prize and use the tab to add a boundary see picture!

Stick the poster in the back and fill with your old toys test your skills make
Some money challenge it friends

Tell me what u think



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    email the instrutians plzzz

    We are looking to try to do this, but it is not super clear how the "mechanism" works. Is there something that lowers the claw and makes it "grab"?