Introduction: Cardboard Computer Pad

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This simple idea can give your computer a stylish place to rest. You can decorate it any way you'd like!

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard

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To start off, find a piece of cardboard. For mine, I made each side about an inch bigger than my computer.

Step 2: Find a Picture

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Next, you're going to want to find any picture of your desire.

Step 3: Gather Tools

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Then, you're going to want to get some mod podge and something to paint it on with.

Step 4: Mod Podge Time

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Now, just lather the whole surface of the cardboard with mod podge, and then set the picture over the mod lodge and smooth it out.

Step 5: Add Decor

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Lastly, add any stickers or anything else you'd like. And that's it! Thanks :)


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-05-07

Nice choice of graphic. I like the metaphor of the computer being a way to travel the world.

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