Conch shells make a grand sound as a horn, but several species of the the actual animal are endangered, harmed by being harvested for the souvenir industry.

This is my attempt to create a more sustainable version of the instrument.

Paso 1: Materials and tools

If you know my work, you know I like simple materials.

This is put together from corrugated card from an old box, duct tape, and a short piece of PVC pipe.

The only tools I used were a craft knife, my trusty Leatherman, and a hacksaw (to cut the pipe to length).

Paso 2: The parts

The whole thing is made from the flaps cut from a large cardboard box.

Two flaps duct-taped together made the main coil, and a third flap, cut in half, made the end-pieces.


The flaps were 17cm wide, and when taped together they were just under a metre long.  For the sake of aesthetics, I made the end-pieces 17cm square as well.

The pipe, a scrap I found in a corner, was about 2½cm in diameter, and about 10cm long.

Paso 3: Curl it up

I needed the strip to spiral with ease.

To that end, I used the two flaps which had the corrugations at right-angles to the long dimension.  I dragged the strip hard over the corner of the table to force it into a curl, like quilling, writ large.

Paso 4: Fix the curve

Starting in the middle, I arranged the curled strip into a visually-appealing spiral.  There may be an optimum shape, but I don't know what it is.

I anchored the spiral in place with small pieces of duct tape.  Not pretty, but it worked.

Paso 5: The mouthpiece

The mouthpiece was made from a short piece of PVC pipe.

For comfort's sake, I used my knife to chamfer the edges of the pipe.

I cut a suitable hole in the middle of the second end-piece, and then anchored the mouthpiece in place with more duct tape, then fitted it in place and fixed with... duct tape.
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