Picture of Cardboard Connect Four
Connect Four is such a famous game that most of you must have played it at least once in your life!

I had both the regular and pocket version when I was little and it's one of the games I played the most with. I still have the big one, even though some discs are missing...
The base seems pretty easy to make so I thought I would try to build it using cardboard!
As you can probably notice from my other instructables, I love cardboard because you can do so many different things with it! And let's not forget that recycling (or upcycling, in this case) is very important too.

This Connect Four worked perfectly in my mind and I thought that making it would have been easy...but of course I was wrong! :D 
Building it following these instructions will be much easier for you, so don't worry!
The reason why it was so hard for me is because I designed the whole thing in my head only, so I encountered some obstacles that made me think about giving up more than once. But I am stubborn and after a week of trying, here I am! :)

I hope you like it!!

Step 1: What you need

  • cardboard
  • a box cover
  • newspaper
  • sheet of paper
  • hot glue
  • white glue
  • acrylic paints/aerosol varnish
  • scotch tape
  • velcro
  • ruler
  • cutter/scissors
  • pencil
  • paint brush
Pra_ga2 years ago
Great work!
The best part i like about this is its entirely made of cardboard!
Though you could have cheated a bit by using bottle caps for the discs :)
lindarose92 (author)  Pra_ga2 years ago
Thank you so much! Unfortunately I didn't have enough of them so I had to make them :D
HollyMann2 years ago
Great job this is awesome Linda Rose! :)
lindarose92 (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thank you for everything, it means a lot to me! :)
No problem. You make some amazing Instructables! :)
crazylam152 years ago
It's great! Voted.. =)
lindarose92 (author)  crazylam152 years ago
Thank you so much! :)
I voted too! : ) Good luck!
being human2 years ago
voted in all cntst
lindarose92 (author)  being human2 years ago
Aw thank you! I appreciate it very much :)
being human2 years ago
nycc voted
awesome ible! you have my vote :)
lindarose92 (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
Thank you so much Muhaiminah, as always!! :D
Wow Linda, I did not realize it was made of cardboard, when I saw the picture on home page. This is very cool :]. Great job done. Thanks
lindarose92 (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya2 years ago
Thank you Tarun!! We both know how many things can be done using cardboard :)
Indeed madam :) and you are always welcome.
shazni2 years ago
Awesome ! I still play this :-)
lindarose92 (author)  shazni2 years ago
Thank you!! It's one of those games that never get old :)
vishalapr2 years ago
Neat! The final product looks amazing!
lindarose92 (author)  vishalapr2 years ago
Thank you so much! It means a lot to me :)
beautiful pictures!! :-)
lindarose92 (author)  andrea biffi2 years ago
Thanks to your (MANY) suggestions :D
PitStoP2 years ago
Nice!! =)
lindarose92 (author)  PitStoP2 years ago
Thank you! :)
Used to play this game all the time :)
lindarose92 (author)  emilyvanleemput2 years ago
Thank you!! So did I :D I am glad you like it! :)
You're welcome!