I love cowboy boots, and while I own numerous pairs in leather, this is the first I own in cardboard. It's extra special to me because I made this myself. The cowboy boot was inspired from a design project in which we were given the task to create a perfume bottle for a choice of scent. I picked leather, since I've grown up around it, and voila - here is my prototyped perfume bottle!

You will need:
- A real cowboy boot
- an iPad
- Software: 123d catch, 123dmake, meshmixer
- Access to a laser cutter
- 3 pieces of cardboard cut 12" by 24"
- Craft glue

Step 1: Catch the Cowboy Boot - 123d Catch

This step is easiest if you use the 123d Catch application on the iPad. Take multiple captures of the boot - a 360 degree view should be covered with the pictures you take. I took about 16 pictures for this example. Once you are satisfied by the pictures, process your catch. The application is very helpful in the steps needed to take in order to process the catch.
Very neat. I think this will make an awesome perfume bottle too. :D

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