How to build a crocodile for the kids from used cardboard

Step 1: Get the Parts

You'll need
  • two egg cardboards
  • three toilet paper cardboards
  • green cardboard
  • white cardboard
  • glue
  • green paint
  • scissor, marker, brush, string

Step 2: Paint the Cardboard

Cut one of the egg cardboard in half and start painting the cardboards green.

Step 3: Paint the Rest

Paint the other parts green, too.

Step 4: Arrange the Parts

Arrange the parts.

Step 5: Fix the Parts With Strings

Make the necessary holes and fix the parts with strings together except the head.

Step 6: Fold the Green Cardboard

Fold the green cardboard twice, first horizontal then vertical. Draw one foot in the resulting quarter.

Step 7: Cut the Feet Out

Fold the green cardboard again and cut the feet out.

Step 8: Glue the Feet on the Body

Clue the feet on the body.

Step 9: Draw the Jaws

Draw the jaws on the white cardboard and cut it out.

Step 10: Clue the Jaws in the Head

Clue the jaws in the head.

Step 11: Make the Eyes.

Draw the eyes on the white cardboard and cut them out.

Step 12: Bind the Head to Body

Make the necessary holes and bind the head to the body.
hey now all you need is tail wipping, chomping, and be able to walk
and the infamous Death Roll (or are alligators the ones that do that)
I would love to see a flame throwing gator
I would pay big time for a flame throwing gator!!!
or a flamethrower
Looks like fun! I think he needs fangs on the front, though.

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