How to build a crocodile for the kids from used cardboard
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Step 1: Get the Parts

You'll need
  • two egg cardboards
  • three toilet paper cardboards
  • green cardboard
  • white cardboard
  • glue
  • green paint
  • scissor, marker, brush, string

Step 2: Paint the Cardboard

Cut one of the egg cardboard in half and start painting the cardboards green.

Step 3: Paint the rest

Paint the other parts green, too.

Step 4: Arrange the parts

Arrange the parts.

Step 5: Fix the parts with strings

Make the necessary holes and fix the parts with strings together except the head.

Step 6: Fold the green cardboard

Fold the green cardboard twice, first horizontal then vertical. Draw one foot in the resulting quarter.

Step 7: Cut the feet out

Fold the green cardboard again and cut the feet out.

Step 8: Glue the feet on the body

Clue the feet on the body.

Step 9: Draw the jaws

Draw the jaws on the white cardboard and cut it out.

Step 10: Clue the jaws in the head

Clue the jaws in the head.

Step 11: Make the eyes.

Draw the eyes on the white cardboard and cut them out.

Step 12: Bind the head to body

Make the necessary holes and bind the head to the body.