Cardboard Dasyatis Pastinaca Costume





Introduction: Cardboard Dasyatis Pastinaca Costume

Hello, this is a step by step guide on how to create a cardboard stingray costume for kids. The parts of this costume are entirely cardboard without being attached by adhesive like tape or glue and are made from about one or two large sheets of cardboard of your choosing.

Step 1:

First the parts in this instruction shall be codenamed by a letter and number. (ex. T3)
Here's a list of what each part or tool is referred to as:

Tools: (T)
T1 -pencil
T2 -cardboard cutting knife
T3 -ruler
T4 -Cardboard sheet

Parts: (P)
P1 -Cardboard wings
P2 -connector segments (large)
P3 -connector segments (small)
P4 -Tail piece
P5 -body segment

Step 2:

Step 1:

Take the large cardboard sheet and draw desired size of stingray parts using T1, keep in mind that it's a good idea to measure your desired dimensions and make your parts up to an inch or 1 1/2in. in size larger. Cut out parts using T2 and lay them out in formation much like the featured image here. remember to cut out small notches for the parts to interlink with each other.

Step 3:

Step 2:

attach the four large connector segments (P2) to one of the body segments (P5). remember to connect the parts using the notches cut into the sides of P5. it is important that the cardboard parts be thick as to keep the parts from breaking or bending easily.

Step 4:

Step 3:

Attach the second main body part P5 to the exposed notches that remain on the connectors similar to how it was done in step 2. At this point the idea of where other parts would go should start to become much more clearer.

Step 5:

Step 4:

Attach the small connector segments P3 to the rear of the main body, after that attach the tail to the connectors.

Step 6:

Step 5:

Finally, attach the wings to the exposed notches on the large connectors. at this point the complete form of the stingray should be visible. congrats! you just created a costume using recyclable materials.



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