Cardboard Disk Shooter





Introduction: Cardboard Disk Shooter

Shoot cardboard disks at high speeds, with just a rubber band! Fast and easy to make!

Step 1: What You Need...

Piece of cardboard at least 3 by 3 inches, scissors, pencil, rubber band, ruler (optional), circle template (optional).

Step 2: Draw a Circle

Draw a circle with a 3 inch diameter.

Step 3: Cut Out Circle

Cut out the circle and draw a line right through the middle.

Step 4: Cut Triangle

Cut out a triangle at bottom of line (this is hard to explain so look at the picture).

Step 5: How to Launch...

Pinch rubber band, pull back, and let it fly (again, see picture)! Please leave a comment and give me any suggestions. Thanks.



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    I for got to say that you can also make these out of the tin of a pop can (be carefull)!

    could u use any other shape?

    Well... you could use a triangle... or a circle with jagged edges... but circle is the best.

    keep away from small children and don't aim at any one

    Build something to hold the rubber band for you; you dont want this to hit your hand.

    Not really an instructable worth righting "Cut a circle bit of card, flick it with a rubber band". But well written.

    A video of how good it does would be helpful, but good instructable otherwise.