It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially now that my apartment has a fireplace!

All you need is a large cardboard box, a box cutter, scissors, tape, , hot glue, brown wrapping paper, and a Sharpie.

Step 1: Tape Up the Corners of a Large Cardboard Box.

I used duct tape to secure the corners of a large cardboard box so that it would stand up on its flaps.
<p>This is cool, i am going to make one to surround my space heater mini fireplace, to make it look full size. Plenty of room to breath in there and i have fireproof base material to put heater on</p>
This is wonderful! It goes so well with your decor'. I would keep it up all year round. Thanks for a great instructable!<br>
You need to paint it. Even if you were to go with a &quot;natural&quot; wood look, you'd need to paint it. Just what every apartment needs...for the fake fire, I'd go with Goldie's Bubbling Cauldron instructable.
I was going for a quick and easy holiday decoration for our apartment, not a real wood look. The drawing was enough for me, although if someone wanted the wood look they could certainly paint it. Thanks for pointing me toward the cauldron; for Christmas I like the lights, but I'll keep the cauldron in mind should I ever need such a thing.
No prob. I've used it before and the effect is quite nice especially in a low light setting.
Really Nice!!! :)
Now I need a cardboard fire place.
Beautiful! Definitely intend to do this when I move!!!!!!
The footings are a nice touch, I'll bet you could finish this with textured paint job and it would look almost authentic. Also, kitty seems to approve, that's always a good sign!

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