Cardboard Flying Body KFB-3 V3





Introduction: Cardboard Flying Body KFB-3 V3

This is major improvement  but I walked off initial concept of flying body. First I added middle tail vertical stabilizer (still this was a flying body concept - one more stabilizer, no big deal) but than came the wings, proportionally large wings. Now I had more surface and I expected (with a proper weighting) more horizontal flight. Also the nose was deformed from previous throws, so I banded it back and glued, even I added the cabin, made of plastic wrapping. All was sprayed gray again. Then weight probes and "studies" came, and then throwing again. Most recent throw was public in small town Senta (Vojvodina, Serbia), during the modeling contest and exhibition (last 4 photo's - KFB-3 is marked with red arrow. Flight was nothing special, so I believe KFB-3 V4 is sure to come.



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    It looks great! Have you a video of it flying?

    Thank You very much.
    Yes I have, but as I said these "flights" are more falls then flights. At the moment I can't enter my Youtube to embed video here (soon I'll do it), but You may try to look for it under "Apapaluz" (my name on Youtube), then find KFB-3 among many other of my experiments.

    OK, thanks!

    Anyway, my memory is weak, please PM me when made.

    I will, cheers!