A 2 Minute camera stand that you can fold up and put in your pocket. I dont have a camera displayed on it cuz I had to use mine to take the photo, but you just put the camera in those little notches.

Step 1: Materials and First Cut.

1. Knife

2. Cardboard

The duct tape isnt really needed.

The first cut you wanna make is making the cardboard a triangle. Make it bigger according to how big your camera is. I made mine pretty small

Step 2: Fold the Cardboard in Half

Fold the triangle in half so it stays upright

Step 3: Cut the Notches

Cut the notches and youre done!!! Just make sure you cut them flat and big enough.
Add a picture with the camera on the stand. That would be nice.
He said he can't because he was using the camera to take the picture. LOL
Oh. Makes sense...
Put it in a mirror
... funny
Idea! I could make a tall one for my school's morning show!
This is neat. I may make one from plywood with tiny hinges to fold it down for travel.
yeah i was actually thinking about that, but I didnt have any plywood, or hinges, and I wanted it to be really cheap.
There. its hard to tell, because i had to stack it on some books.
I used a mirror so now I can.

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