Hold thine cardboard horses, and raise thouest cardboard tubes, because ye have been called upon for delightful papery battle! When you mix forts, cardboard, and capture the flag, you're sure to get something great! Whether you're a full-on LARPer or allergic to the idea of going to a Medieval Times restaurant, you'll still enjoy this a bunch. Time to lay siege to your recycling bins, and get ready to add some glory to your weekend.

  • What: Cardboard Battle! (capture the flag)
  • Time: ~ 2 hours to set-up, joy forever
  • Concepts: Happiness, teamwork
  • Materials:
    • Cardboard Tubes
    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Cardboard sheets
    • 4-6 rolls masking tape (for forts)
    • Duct Tape (for sword and shield)
    • 2 flags (pieces of fabric)
    • Decorating supply (markers, doilies, stickers)
  • Tools:
    • Cardboard Cutting Tool (X-acto, lasers, scissors, or boxcutter)
    • Jambox (for epic music)

This game is greatly inspired by the game "Ultimate Team Cardboard Fortress Battle" by Jon Sung, who is just a delightful and brilliant man.


Step 1: Assemble the Cardboard Hoard

Time to get out collecting! You'll need tubes for swords, boxes (for forts), and if you want, sheets for the sword handle and shield. You can also cut these out of boxes you find in the recycling. You can find tubes at many crafting store recycling bins, and boxes in most commercial areas. A great way to bring cardboard boxes is to have everyone bring a couple that they find on their own. You're hoping for about 30-50 boxes total.

Happy hunting!

This is a great idea for kids and adults!
<p>nice</p><p>thank you</p>
<p>This looks like so much fun. What a great idea!</p>
I have to do this... like.. NOW.
<p>When I was a kid, I make swords from wall calendar paper. Scroll them in and use some tapes to stick it in form. I even make a small hole then put marbles ball inside (make the sword stronger by adding element) B-). My childhood :3</p>
Haha very cool!!!!
<p><strong>awesome!!</strong></p><p>so did you have referees to prevent cheating when you were hit?</p><p>so cool!</p>
Hey bravo! Ahoy, we did self-regulated which works out pretty dandy. Cheaters are rare and can be pummeled with cardboard love. :)
<p>hahaha</p><p>maybe later you can build a cardboard catapult!</p>
<p>Very cool! Looks really fun :)</p>
Thanks onyx!
So epic and much cheaper than foam latex
Aww thanky Draco! Do you battle with foam?
<p>Wow, this is a very organised way of starting a cardboard war. I my experience, if you put a group of young people in the same space as a pile of cardboard and duct tape, this sort of thing just happens anyway.</p>
Hey Kiteman! Indeed, quite true! The capturing of flags, less so. The whacking of each other, quite so!

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