Cardboard Halo Helmet





Introduction: Cardboard Halo Helmet

This is my cardboard halo helmet....i know people prefer pepakura, but for some people that isn't a luxury other I decided to make one out of cardboard....srry for the lack of instructions, I didn't think to make this and instructable until it was to late.....please comment...

Step 1: Frame

By looking at the pictures you may get a good idea of how to make it....if not here's a YouTube link that shows a way similar to make he frame a bit bigger than your head because it will shrink when you paper mâché it...

Step 2: Layers

Paper mâché it and let it dry for a few days then spray paint it any color...

Step 3: Visor

Take a mountain due bottle and cut out a large rectangle and glue it inside the helmet for the visor.....the. Your done....please comment


  • I made it!!!!!!!!!!!...-flaming wolf

    flaming wolf made it!


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This new breed of helmet is called the Scare helmet, as a heavy sniper is a terrifying thought.

awesome! did you use masking tape or duct tape to make it smooth? or papaer mache?

He dosn't need to, there's a link for a tutorial about how to make the helmet

could you make an insturctable? please

I don't really know....I started out trying for the halo 3 rouge helmet but it fell toward the hayabusa so I made it kind of a mix if the halo reach grenadier and halo reach scout helmet