Step 2: The Cardboard Pieces

The Jacob's ladder is made up of 12 cardboard rectangles, measuring 7cm by 8cm each. My cardboard was blank so I can add a design at a later date, about 2mm thick and came from a box which once had a bench rest in it.
Get your ruler and pen, and mark 7cm wide and 8cm long, or 2.8 inches by 3.2 inches, and cut it out, repeat 12 times.

If you want to decorate them then this is this time, if you do it later then it's just impractical with the glue or ribbon in the way.

Next is to lay the twelve out in two columns, length ways. Mark the left side so you can tell which side is the top and bottom, and the right side the same but differently, so you can tell which ones are in the left and right column. Flip each on upside down, if you flip it outwards I find it much easier, because when when you get to flip it inwards, it's all in the same position.

Finally is to mark the undersides so when you put the ribbons on, they're all in the right place. Mark 1cm in from both of the 7cm sides, and then half way between. Run a line all the way up. In the pictures I only marked in a bit, but I recommend marking the whole way through.
I like this! Thanks for sharing.
cool but i need some help
Yeah, I was a little green when I wrote this, sorry about that.<br> <br> <br> What&nbsp;would you like help with / explanation of?&nbsp;
I saw this when I was a kid in a wooden toy shop, I wanted to make one ever since(now for another little kid) but I forgot how it worked, I searched all over the internet for it but didn't know the name so I found it nowhere. Now accidently I saw your Inscructable and now I know it's called a <em>Jacob's Ladder</em> so thanks! And for the instructions of course. I'm definately going to make it.<br/>
No probs, hope you like it, it's great fun.<br />
Wow thanks, I didn't think I'd get such a positive comment!
why not? it's awesome seriously, i don't know why it isn't 5 stars!
If you upload your video to YouTube and embed it, more people will be able to see it. Nice job. ;)
Ok then, thanks. I have to make another video any way, so thanks for pointing this out.
I like your gorilla drawings -- you should post them so we could use them!
Ha ha, ok then. They're not original I must admit, I'm a terrible drawer if I'm doing it straight of the top of my head.

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