Ever since we moved into our apartment, we've had a kitchen cupboard stuffed full of all the odds and ends that wouldn't fit anywhere else. I always wanted to tackle this mess, but frankly kept putting it off. Once I finally worked up the motivation to start, I decided to use cardboard to create an organizer as I thought perhaps it would make the construction easier and quicker. As it turns out, cardboard isn't as easy to work with as I thought, but I was still able to accomplish what I set out to do. Let's get started.

Step 1: What I Used

The materials for this build are very limited:

Cardboard (I picked up from the dumpster)

Glue (I used Elmer's wood glue, but lots of glues would work)

Wood Filler

Spray Paint

The tools needed are also quite simple:


Knives (X-Acto, utility knife, and/or razor blade)

Bending Brake (Ok, so this is totally unnecessary, but I had one that I just made)

Heavy Duty Paper Cutter (Also not necessary, but saved some time)

Small Clamps

Heavy Books

Trough for Wood Filler

Sand Paper

<p>Really awesome project! The production quality of the video is really great!</p>
<p>Thanks! I'm glad you appreciated it :-)</p>
<p>I have to admit, english is not my native language, and when I first saw the first picture I said &quot;no, probably cardboard is not what I think&quot; because... Well, it doesn't look like cardboard anymore. It seems much more solid and professional. Very good job! And thanks for sharing</p>
<p>Thanks! I was hoping it would be even a bit more professional, but it was my first cardboard project so I'm happy with it.</p>
<p>might help to prime it with a mix of glue and water before painting so the paint doesn't soak in</p>
<p>Not a bad idea. Thanks!</p>
<p>A great examples of recycling things :)</p>
<p>Thanks. Using what you have on hand is always the best I think.</p>
<p>I soooooo need this in my life! Thanx!!! :)</p>
<p>Haha. I'm glad you like it :-)</p>
very very good! awesome!
<p>I thought it was white foam core board at first (which is expensive.) It looks very sturdy and congrats for using something from the trash!</p>
<p>Thanks! It is surprisingly sturdy, which is what I was going for. If I had a thicker cardboard I probably could have got away with 1 layer as I'm not sitting on this or anything.</p>
<p>looks very nice! I also did something similar with foamcore. We have a cupboard filled with various water bottles and acrylic cups (like from Starbucks) and it was hard to reach for things in the back. I made this so that each one is accessible without having to take out the ones in front or knock them over. Additionally, it was a good time to also donate the ones we rarely use :-)</p><p>So far it's been working well, but I wouldn't place super heavy items in the slots. The panels are assembled by cutting slots halfway through and then sliding them together. Like makjosher, to do it again, I would use 1/4&quot; plywood next time.</p>
<p>That is a really great solution for you problem! I'm sure it was much easier to make than mine :-) We too have a few things to donate from our cupboard.</p>
<p>I'm glad you found it helpful.</p>
<p>Basically, what I was doing was figuring out how I wanted to organize the stuff in the organizer. I laid everything out on the table and arranged everything into groups. These groups would eventually correspond to the compartments in the finished organizer. The lines I've drawn between the groups are just to show the different groups. Hopefully that helps clear it up a bit. </p>
<p>This is a great way to save shelf space! The store bought organizers add up quick and aren't as adjustable in design. :)</p>
<p>I'm glad you like it :-) I did need something more versatile. Still, I had to work it carefully to make sure everything fit.</p>

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