Picture of Cardboard Knight Helmet
This is an old helmet I made 3 years ago for my son.  I actually made about a dozen of them for his 7th birthday party which had a knight's theme.

All you need is some carboard, a hole punch, 2 split pins, tape and a sharp knife or scissors.

If you like it let me know and I'll do an instructable for it.
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king jesse14 days ago

Hi, please could you send me the instructions. that helmet looks amazing



jenscott2216 days ago
Hi, please could you send me the instructions. We are having a medieval day on Monday, visiting Castles and my two children would go nuts for a Knights Helmet to wear.

Many thanks

LyubovG2 months ago

Oh!!! Please!! Please send me the instructions ))

We need it for kids Bday-party

Thanks a lot!!! glazova_lyubov@list.ru

MeaganK3 months ago
This looks great! Can you send me a copy of the instructions please! Sweetsound525@gmail.com

Hi did you get the steps for the knights helmet? If so could you please email them to me at jordan.philp1901@gmail.com.


JordanPhilp3 months ago

Can you please send me the steps to make it? jordan.philp1901@gmail.com


aleschlaubitz4 months ago

Hii! would you send me the instructions?? thank you!! contacto@asnovias.com

johanna.zorn5 months ago

I love the idea, could you please sent me the instructions to johanna.zorn@hotmail.de ? Thank you!!

pedyta6 months ago
Would you be so kind and send me instruction please to eprzybylska@icloud.com
I love it!
ÁgnesD6 months ago

Please send me the instructions to dauneragnes@gmail.com Thanks

Linda Spo7 months ago

Can you please send me the instrucables for this? Love it! spositofam@comcast.net

Thank you!!

I am needing a pattern to make a helmet or 3 out of wonderflex. I can't seem to download the pdf. Can you help? email is rgorman@twu.edu

PhilipB110 months ago

Please email the instructions to phjilleegoo@gmail.com. It looks really cool.

scmaestra10 months ago

I love this! Would you mind sending me the instructions for my 6 yo? Thank you! scmaestra@yahoo.com

RebekahHolden10 months ago

I love this helmet. Please email me the instructions ASAP. My email address is rebekah.holden@gmail.com

sara.lucas110 months ago
Hi please would u email me instructions ASAP if possible as need to make one by Sunday thanks sara154@msn.com
nicklewise10 months ago

Can you email the instructions to nicklewise@gmail.com?


I would love the instructions for your helmet. My email is: cnafziger@msn.com. It is a great looking helmet!

knightfinn11 months ago

Please send the instructions: al1770@aapt.net.au

It looks like an amazing helmet



CarolineO11 months ago

Can you send me the instructions to orchardcaroline1@gmail.com



Please send me instructions at swaginblood2523@gmail.com. Need it for school project. This is so awesome it should give me an A.


Hi - can't wait to try and make these - could yo please email the pattern to me at yolandidt@gmail.com.

Thank you so much!

Hi there - it looks FANTASTIC! could you email the pattern to me please on k2arts@gmail.com? Thank you!!!

Hi! Could you email the pattern to bonniepeebles.home@gmail.com

Many thanks!

ingerimba1 year ago

can you please email me the instructions to ingerimba@gmail.com? Thank you.

kleffa1 year ago

Its a great idea, can sendme the pattern? or publish it? I am think use it for a party

jongwon1 year ago
Hey could u please make the instractable cause on the web it says the page no langer exists and i cant find it by searching it
firewingg2 years ago
firewingg2 years ago
Can you please email me the instructions? I'm doing a school play and I am a knight can u please email me the instructions
dager312 years ago
You can use this link for the instructions:
rmcon32 years ago
Hi! Can you please email me the instructions? This will be great for my class :) connell.rachel.r@edumail.vic.gov.au
Thanks heaps!
goben2 years ago
Can you please email me the instructions (goben@clear.net.nz). The helmet looks amazing!!
lillorizzo2 years ago
Can you send me the pattern? Thank you
ssvitil2 years ago
this is great please send me the instructions cherokeetwiggy@yahoo.com
thank you

It came from the Cleveland Museum of Art:

This a great helmet! The link is no longer active.Would you mind emailing me the copy of the craft sheet or pattern : dgurskis@gmail.com

Thanks for sharing! - Don
My friend and I are doing a project for our history class. Please send the instructables to mack135rox@gmail.com

kszymczak3 years ago
I love this! My son is in a school play and is a knight. This would be perfect! Is there any way you could email the instructions to make this? kristinszymczak@yahoo.com. Thanks!
Please do an instructable for this - you did a great job!
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