Cardboard Knight Helmet





Introduction: Cardboard Knight Helmet

This is an old helmet I made 3 years ago for my son.  I actually made about a dozen of them for his 7th birthday party which had a knight's theme.

All you need is some carboard, a hole punch, 2 split pins, tape and a sharp knife or scissors.

If you like it let me know and I'll do an instructable for it.



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    2 Questions

    Hello! This Helmet is simply fantastic! I would like to try do This Helmet for my don.could i have some instructions/tamplate Please.thank u a lot


    Hi I would appreciate the instructions if you are still offering. Looks great.

    Many thanks

    Can u semd me the pdf its for a school project of my sons @davislesusd260.cim

    Dear Jo,

    I am a special needs teacher. I just finish teaching my kids about medieval times and we are looking for a fun and practical project. I suggested helmets and here I am looking for patterns. Jo, I would love to make this helmet with my students. Would it be possible for you to email me the pattern.

    Can you please send directions to thank you!!

    Can you please send directions to thank you!!

    Hi Joe

    My boy loves this helmet. It's awesome! Would you please send me the pattern for it? Many thanks in advance.


    Hi Jo90

    Very cool helmet. We'd love to make some for our school production. Can you please email me the pattern? Many thanks, Lucy

    I'd like the pattern and instructions. thank you so much!

    I would like instructions & a pattern


    I'd like the pattern and instructions. thank you!