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Introduction: How to Make a Cardboard Laptop Stand

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a sturdy laptop stand out of cardboard.

Why pay over 30pounds/$60 for a flimsy plastic laptop stand, when you can make a stronger and more environmentally friendly stand for free ?!

When I thought of this idea I was skeptical and didn't think the cardboard would be able to support the heavy laptop, but after a bit of brainstorming and some strength tests i thought it was possible and decided to give it a go.

When I had finished making it I tentatively lowered my laptop onto the stand, half expecting it to crumble and my laptop slide off the desk. Fortunately the process was uneventful and my laptop was perfectly happy sitting on top of its swanky new stand.

Even though the initial test was a success i didn't want to publish an ible that would fall apart in a few days and drop peoples laptops, so i decided to go the distance and do an endurance test. Now its just under two weeks since the first test and everyday i have put the laptop on the stand in the morning and left it there all day and then taken it off in the evening.

Perfect, The stand is like new, nothing bent, frayed or crumpled, its been really good having the screen elevated, much more ergonomic than usual.

Step 1: Get Cardboard

Pretty easy, everyone has some laying around.

If you dont have any:
  • Ask freinds
  • Ask in shops
  • Look behind shops
  • Ask at supermarkets
  • Ask Parents
  • Go to recycling center
  • Ask anywhere that sells things, they will have some

Step 2: Cut Shapes

Now you have got the cardboard you can get started cutting out the shapes.

  • You will need a knife; X-acto, Scalpel, Box cutter.
  • -- It is much easer if your knife is sharp
  • A metal ruler is also handy, you get nice clean cuts.
  • -- Any ruler will do though
  • Cutting mat
  • -- If you are doing this inside this will save your floor/desk

You Need:
1 : BASE
1 : BACK
6 : STAND's

On the stand section you need to cut a 0.6cm wide 6cm tall slit for the support near the back.

This stand is designed for a 13' MacBook but will accomodate laptops up to 15'
It probbaly wont hold those laptops that are like portable desktops...

Step 3: Check It All Fits

Using some pins put all the peices toether and check you have the right sizes.

Dressmakers pins are perfect.

Step 4: Glue !

Now you have all the shapes cut and they all fit together we can assemble the stand.

I used a hot glue gun for my stand but PVA or superglue would work just as well.

Before gluing i would reccomend tracing out where you want the stands to be, this makes it easier and you are less likley to get it wrong.

Glue the support bar to the base first. Then glue the stand sections to the base and support, then add the back and front.

The laptop will be resting on the front pannel so use plenty of glue to make sure its strong. Infact use lots of glue all over.

Remember, Spare the glue Spoil the stand ! hahaha

Let the glue dry for a bit before you test the stand.

Step 5: Finished !

Now get your laptop, and enjoy ergonomic bliss !

I am really pleased with this laptop stand, its very strong and suits my needs perfectly.

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I am really looking forward to making this. I think I might store things in the slots. This is going to be great

Thx so much for the awesome idea!!

2015 5:03 pm.jpg2015 5:03 pm.jpg

Thank you so much, it made a whole world of difference. It just goes to show that a little thing done can change peoples lives.


Harman/kardon Sound Sticks.... ROCK ON!!!

I've probably got a laptop that could crumple this one, but it's very big and very old. Don't know if you've ever heard of or seen a Gateway m675 with a 17 inch screen. If you have and had the misfortune of carrying, you'll know it's almost 9 pounds of portable computing power. (Specifications say 8.8 pounds, but we all know it feels heavier)

I have one that might crumple it: old HP from about 2001 or so, came with windows 2000, and is about 1.5 inches thick. it was a low end model...

i saw a brand new laptop at a store with a 20 inch screen and it weighed over 20 pounds i think it had 16 gigs of ram and 2 terabytes of storage.

oh, and I have one that will definitely crumple it, though you probably don't need a stand for it: huge desktop.

I'm thinking of doing one of those and maybe adding two coolers on the back wall to remove the hot air from the laptop's base (i have one of those "cooler tables", but it seems to not work at all... so i have to use my ventilator to cool off this thing).

 make sure to have the fans blowing air out of the box and away from the laptop, and add vents *not too much* to have a nice airflow, and also have negative air pressure insider the box. what this does is the negative air pressure actually causes a drop in temperature, and the airflow blows air through the bottom surface of the laptop.