Cardboard Little Box





Introduction: Cardboard Little Box

My daughter loves Barbie and little shoes, little purses... I just found the idea to make a little box to store everything!

Step 1: Internal Structure

As usual, Same technique...This time I used single wall cardboard sheet. Be patient! This project is tiny!

I cut 3 sheets of cardboard for the front, the middle and the back. Then I cut crosspieces and glued them to central profile.

Step 2: Cover the Whole Piece

Then I glued the back and the front profiles and covered the sides with cardboard.

I sanded the edges and covered them with Kraft tape.

Step 3: Drawers

For each drawer, I cut 1 bottom, 2 sides, 1 back and 1 front.

I attached the 2 sides to the bottom, than add the back and the front with glue gun. The corrugations are positioned vertically on the front of the drawer. Make sure that it slides well, for that I made the drawers about 3/8" less deep than the cases.

Step 4: Decoration

I applied Nepalese paper with white glue and varnished the whole box.

You can also add handles!


More project on my website!



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    Wow, this is really impressive work. Very cool!