In our everyday life, we go for shopping. With costume items, usually sweaters and trousers, are attached price tag cards. These cards are made of card which can be used in a number of useful ways. One use of it is to make a locket out of it. I also used one such cardboard of good quality. Tolerate with the image quality because I don't have a good camera at the moment.

Step 1: Required Items.

For one such necklace, the required things are:

1. Any shape hard cardboard

2.Some pearls or anything else for decorating it. I used sticky ones available in a local store.

3.Any necklace of your choice (keep in mind matching)

Step 2: Designing

Now with the décor items, arrange them on the cardboard in a choice of yours. I have a design of my own.

Step 3: Finalizing the Locket

For the hole in the cardboard, pass through it necklace of your choice and also you can use a tie mechanism of your own. Enjoy this easy instructable of mine and don't forget to appreciate if you like it.

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