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Introduction: Cardboard MP5

Upon request someone asked me to make a gun from the movie Underworld. So I made the mp5. this is by far the best gun I have ever made thus far. i will paint it and post pictures of the finished product I just haven't the time yet. If you have any request or comments just say them below.



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    where's the instructable it's just pictures

    i already finish an ammo box which contains one awp one glock 17 one kukri knife and a normal knife and a mac 10.yours is nice

    Dude this is just too cool. Do you think you could make a glock 17 or a sniper riffle? keep working!

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    i actually made a sniper but i havnt posted it yet

    now all you need to do is add an airsoft gearbox in it and a real airsoft mp5 mag

    looks great. little tip tho. paper mache it to make some of the edges rounder, and it will harden any soft pieces that you think might fall off or something of the sort.

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    Thanks, but im not real sure how to paper mache. Could you tell me?

    its quite easy. just get some paper towels or newspaper. (newspaper is smoother) and then get a cup with glue and a some water, not too much. or itt will be to liquid like and not work. mix it, then brush the newspaper on with the is a video of a cardboard/paper MP5 that is already paper mached, it might help you with an idea of what you are trying to get. :

    Thanks i think i will do that and than do a repost.

    but you will have to re-paint it if you do paper mache it