Picture of Cardboard Marble Racer
I made one marble racer with the pool noodles, but I wanted one like the large wood ones, that had the marble race down one inclined plane after another.  No wood and the tools are not set up in the new wood shop yet.  I scavenged a nice sized cardboard box, which sat in the back seat of my car for about 2 weeks while I thought about it.  Finally, I had the time to create what I had spent quite a bit of time thinking about.  So this is how I made a cardboard marble racer.
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Step 1:

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1 large cardboard box (mine was 19”x15”x14” (48cm x 38 cm x 35cm))
Spray paint (you choice of colors- I used leftovers from other projects)
20 1½ inch (4cm) brad fasteners (office supply store +/-$3)
Yard stick
Craft knife (+/- $3 depending upon what you buy and where)
1½ inch (4cm) masking tape (stuff I had)
Awl (one I have had for years)
Masking tape (not shown)
(I showed glue but I didn't use it)

Step 2:

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Measure 3 inches (7.5 cm) from the bottom of the box and leave a mark with your pencil.  Do this several times on all 4 sides of the box.  Connect the dots so that they are a straight line all the way around the box.

Step 3:

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Use the craft knife to cut the bottom of the box

Step 4:

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away from the rest of the box.

Step 5:

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Cut on off the long sides of the box away from the rest of the box and put the left overs aside (for another project maybe).  On this long piece measure 4 inch (10cm) strips

Step 6:

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and cut out 4 of them, using your box knife.

Step 7:

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On one of the long strips, measure and draw a line ½ inch (1.25 cm) long on the left long side and draw and measure a line 1 inch (2.5cm) wide on the right side. 
zap19982 years ago
Simple and fun. Nice job.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
This looks like a fun project to make!