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The point of this work is training and improved ability of Proportions estimation of human.
according to da vinci the proportions of the human body are correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry (The Vitruvian Man)

my project here is female :)

Step 1: Material

tools and materials that you need in this project

* glue gun




Step 2: Making a Sketch

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at the beginning you have to make a sketch for Posture , and decide how to build it , for me i made in The sitting posture and I designed it in combination way , making them to pieces then combine them

Step 3: Measurement

you can take any measurement you want.

There is no need for accuracy. Just draw it by your hand directly.

Step 4: Making Ribs

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Draw and cut the three ribs (the j shape) , they will be as a fixer for the other parts (skeleton), then Draw the layers of the chest in different measures , but you have to be sure they are all in a good way , be sure you are cutting as well as you can to have edges on a one line.

Make small gapes in the two shapes will make them fixed together so, you do not need to use the glue gun .

but In main parts ,like the heavy shapes you need to use it .

After that , fix the shoulder to the three ribs then Arrange the body in layers
, and put them together Starting with the chest to the feet

Step 5: Technique

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make the same technique to hand, legs, etc) or create your own one .

Step 6: The End

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Mad Props (author)2017-08-14

Very cool. Innovative technique.

I might use this method for a paper mache armature.

Cheiron (author)2017-08-08

This might also be another way to make a dress makers dummy. Cery good idea!

rjy (author)Cheiron2017-08-09

That's right , thanks

Swansong (author)2017-08-08

That's a really fun art piece! Well done :)

rjy (author)Swansong2017-08-09


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