Cardboard Modelling - Creating a strong 90degree joint

video Cardboard Modelling - Creating a strong 90degree joint
A simple, but effective technique to creating a joint in Cardboard. Used extensively in professional design/engineering settings to communicate ideas with quick mock-ups. Cheap and fast (once you perfect the skill!). Also see the Curved Joint.
Whats the advantage of this method over using a single piece of cardboard?

For example, you can cut a V-notch along the line on the piece where you want the bend, put glue in the notch, then bend at 90 degrees.
Hey Jude (author)  shannonlove1 year ago
Good question - I'd say there is nothing wrong with this approach at all - and for two simple bits like this the result would be very similar, perhaps even stronger if just folded. However, as shown with the Raspberry Pi Case tutorial, when assembling more complex forms, you might find it is not possible to make a 'net' - as this requires a large surface area and can also be wasteful. Once might also wonder if people when working on a new idea are able to fully realise a 'net' - quite often we add/improvise as we go, and this is very much the purpose of cardboard modelling, rather than more accurate finalised techniques. Hope this answers both your questions. thanks.
I was thinking more in terms of mechanical strength instead of just appearance.

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