The Seriously Cool Way To Make A Clownfish Costume!

Picture of The Seriously Cool Way To Make A Clownfish Costume!

This instructable will teach you how to build a Nemo costume for use on Halloween or as a stage costume. In and effort to encompass the "go green" concept, my Technology class was asked to pair into groups and design a line of marine themed costumes. Each group had their own theme ranging from boats, to sharks, to mollusks. In each of these groups, they had to each design a costume fitting within the theme of their group. These costumes had to be created entirely created from slotted cardboard so that a middle aged student can easily slot together the pieces  under minimal supervision. 

Design Brief: I will make a Nemo shaped costume for use on Halloween or as a stage costume in a play.

1. Easy to Assemble
    2. Must lay flat on top of one another (Flat-Pack).
    3. Must fit an average middle schooler. 

1. Use only Cardboard
    2. No fasteners or adhesives
    3. Use slotted construction techniques
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
For this project your going to need some materials and tools:
     A cutting mat (optional)
     A utility knife
     A Ruler and Tape Measure
     A Pencil
     A Paintbrush (optional)
     Paint (optional)
     LOTS and LOTS of cardboard ( the amount of carboard should equal about three refrigerator boxes)
     The Drawing included on this step called "Orthographic Drawing" (This will help you draw and cut out the parts of the costumes.)

Step 2: Making the Two Sides of the Fish

Picture of Making the Two Sides of the Fish
Draw a rectangle on the Refrigerator Box with a pencil and Ruler that is 30.4” x 20”
Place Cutting Mat on working area and place Refrigerator Box on top of the mat.
Cut out the rectangle with the Utility Knife
Draw the shape indicated on the Orthographic Drawing in actual size.
Cut out the shape drawn on the rectangle of cardboard
Draw lines for cuts with Pencil (from each cut or edge) 2”, 6”, 7.2”, 7.2”, 6”, 2”
Cut out the lines with the Utility Knife cutting down 10.5” from the top.
Do this again for another side.