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Just drunk WAY too much coffee and need to burn off some of that extra energy?
Grab the take away tray, a pair of scissors and a pen and get to it!

Step 1:

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Bend the tray in half but don't tear it apart.

Step 2:

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Cut one of the ends through to allow the "wings" to flap open.

Step 3:

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You may need to pry off the glued tab on one side.

Step 4:

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Cut this tab off at the base and keep it to make the beak.

Step 5:

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Fold it in half and cut it into a point at one end.

Step 6:

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Oh Yeah you lookin soooo beaky right now...

Step 7:

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Push the end of your scissors through below the "eyes" to create a slot for the beak to be pushed into.

Step 8:

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And insert!

Step 9:

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Draw the shape of your wing onto each side flap and cut it off.

Step 10:

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Like so...

Step 11:

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Trim up that bottom edge for the feathery look.

Step 12:

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It will stand up nicely as is but you can add feet too if you want...

Step 13:

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Cut out feet shapes with a longish leg from the scrap you cut off the wing.
Cut slots for the legs to slide into and insert the leg into the slots.

Step 14:

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Oh don't forget to give your owl some cute ears if you have enough leftover carboard.
I used sticky tape here but you could also use the cunning slot method if you don't have any.

Step 15:

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now go forth and decorate to your hearts content.


Room to Grow (author)2016-03-19

The Owl is amazing! So clever

poofrabbit (author)2012-05-04

Oh I like this a great deal! Very well done!

dancastles (author)poofrabbit2012-05-04

Thanks a lot!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-05-04

What a cute idea!

Thank you!

scoochmaroo (author)2012-05-04

I love it! Adorable.

dancastles (author)scoochmaroo2012-05-04

Hi! thanks, amazing what a bit of spare time and caffeine can do for inspiration. :)

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