This is the cardboard computer I made. I was too lazy to make an instuctable, but if many people want an instructable, I'll make it! :-)

The Cardboard PC now runs Puppy Linux because this pc is very, very old...

Teaser for upcoming instructable: <br>I'm going to make a cardboard PC but with laptop parts...
Overheating would be a concern for me also. Might put some foil on the inside and ground it, A cardboard pc could made really stealthy for security if someone wanted to..
The airflow doesnt look good..... Needs moar fans!
For what it's worth, I believe one of the manufacturers of motherboards now ships their boards in a box which can be set up this way, for those who want to start playing with it while waiting for a case to be delivered.
What OS did it have before?
I'm guessing it had 95,98 or 2000, although a machine like that could barely pull off XP
Please make instructable
Stylo wasn't a very good choice for music, but pretty cool project.

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