Picture of Cardboard Payloader/ Truck
My son's school wanted us to make costumes with recycled items.....It was a trash to treasure thyme. It was a first time for I asked my 4 year old what he would like to be. He said a Pay loader......obviously i was stumped! so surfed the net and came across They had something like that made out of toilet tissue roll. I looked at it and came up with my larger version of it!!
For me it cost was zero!! my son loved it and ...come to think of it,,,,it can be used for a long time to play with after the purpose of costume is done!
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Step 1:

Picture of

As you can see from the's all cardboard boxes!! For the wheels i attached 2 cardboard boxes against the grain...then taped the edges so i gave a nice finish. For the axle i got long cardboard tubes (you can find it in material shops! they will give it to you free once the length of material is over!).  The lifting up arms ( i don't know what it's called) the tiers i pasted 2 boards up and cut the shape out....later i reinforced the arms with plastic sticks and taped it up...i also got a light Bristol board and hot glued it to the arms.
For the body as you can see form the pictures....i cut out the windows....(later i added another box under it as it wasn't high enough for my son to stand inside can see it in the second picture). For the bottom of the body i removed the flaps and cut out a square smaller than the top box opening so i can be hot glued and taped properly. As you can see all the edges and joints were reinforced with tape.

Step 2:

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Here everything is assembled to check if  it's okay...

Step 3:

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Now all the boards were painted with left over paint that we had around the house...hence the colors!
l8nite3 years ago
great idea, Im sure your son loves it !
shazni (author)  l8nite3 years ago
Thanks! yes he does :-) unfortunately nobody seems to rate it or vote for it :-(
oh...well..perhaps i'll try the food category!
l8nite shazni3 years ago
I don't think most people even realize you can rate something, personally Im good with just a couple comments