Picture of Cardboard Pendant Lamp (The Gourd)
First instructable! Hi guys :)

This project was inspired by Graypant’s Scraplights. I saw them online and was impressed by their simple but beautiful forms, and their eco-friendliness. I liked the idea of using maligned materials and making them into elegant designs (Graypants gets a majority of their materials by dumpster diving).

However, I was pretty unimpressed with their pricing. $279 for a lamp made from free materials? No way. I experimented a bit using Maya, ReplicatorG, Skeinforge, and Illustrator and found that the process was not altogether that difficult. I tried to use all free software. ReplicatorG and Skeinforge are offered as free and open source software. Admittedly, Maya and Illustrator are not free. However, if you are a student, Autodesk offer a full featured educational suite of Maya for free at http://student.autodesk.com . If not, you can try your hand at Blender, or Google Sketchup. If there is enough demand, I will try to write an instructable for SketchUp. You can use Inkscape instead of illustrator.

Also, parts of this process will eventually be rendered obsolete by the release of Autodesk’s 123D make application, which can cut out some of the tedium.

I am lucky to have access to a laser cutter. My friend operates a hackerspace called The Build Shop in Los Angeles, and has a laser cutter that can be used for a pretty good hourly rate. If you look up local hackerspaces in your city, you will find that a lot of them have laser cutters you can use. You don’t need to use a laser cutter though! If you have the patience, you can print out your files and exacto knife the cardboard yourself.
AntalyaS3 months ago
Just by chance I met this group while surfing on the Internet...

I have lived in US and returned to Turkey a few years ago. After my return , I have been in search of what to do and finally decided making gourd lamps.

First, it was just a hobby but making gourd lamps turned to a pofessionality in time and today I am a gourd lamp producer and exporter.

If you would like to have an idea about my works please visit following links. Starting from gourd lamp beads to table lamp bases, you can find some materials used for making gourd lamps.


Thank you,
JSuozzi421 year ago

This is so freakin dope! Not only a beautiful object but it's a great intro to those other programs. This instructable was exactly what I need to step my Maker game up.

Stoval3 years ago
Step 8 has no pics or text, and more pics would help, but other then that it's laid out fairly well and has what's needed to get the computer stuff out of the way. I like it, and I like the idea. Maybe I'll throw something up at the manroom soon as the inlaws leave! ><
seankim (author)  Stoval3 years ago
Shazni's has some good images of assembly. His project is very similar to mine and could help you out :)
shazni3 years ago
This is so similar to mine...only yours is nicer :-)
I cut by hand..here are some pictures of assembling in this instructable

seankim (author)  shazni3 years ago
Thanks a lot! I actually saw yours a while back and was inspired :)

If anyone wants some images of assembly, please check out shazni's instructable!
very nice lamps. I think ill have a go at making one. step 7you were looking for a script to nest the parts, I use vcavepro not real cheap but will also produce gcodes for most cnc routers and mills. the nest command with move all the pieces for least waste. there website will let you download a trail version.
seankim (author)  liquidhandwash3 years ago
vcavepro? I'll check it out. Thanks a lot!