The instructions below is for a design of a Periscope made from poster board or cereal box for the body, and the mirrors are cut from ordinary CDs or DVDs.

What you are going to need for this are 1.)Some old CDs or DVDs, 2.) Cereal box or any kind of cardboard 3.) Some tape, X-acto knife or any sharp blade to cut the CDs/DVDs.

Step 1: Cut the Mirror

The proper way to cut the CDs is with a vice as shown. Each CD makes four mirrors. Just keep bending the CD slightly while scoring and it will cut/break clean pretty quickly. If you forget to keep scoring as you bend, the CD will shatter and ruin the reflective surface.

Warming the CD up first with a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes will prevent the CD from shattering.
<p>Thanks alot! I made this periscope for a school project that's to be handed in tomorrow.</p>

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