Cardboard Phone Stand





Introduction: Cardboard Phone Stand

Cardboard is a pretty abundant resource. It costs next to nothing, and it also is very strong. This instructables will tell you how to make a reliable phone stand with tiny scraps you can find from boxes or whatever

Step 1: Tools and Stuff

-exacto knife
-a surface that you don't mind slicing with a knife

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

In this step in you will cut out the pieces for your phone stand. The design is a simple slot construction so you want to cut out notches on the top and bottom of the pieces. I can't really explain it so just look at the pictures. Also, I don't know what size your phone is so you can eyeball it

Step 3: Construction

Now that you have all of your pieces, you can just slide them together as shown in the picture. Note that I put a little brace on the bottom but it is completely unnecessary

Step 4: Now Your Done! Go Have Fun With Your New Phone Stand :)



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    Nice but if it was more detailed...

    Is it like instructables?

    So uhhh what is 123make tho

    Nice job Mjskate

    you are really going to love 123D Make I bet

    Hey, this is a pretty neat idea. Congrats on posting your first instructable!

    Sorry about the blurry pictures