Cardboard Picture Frame





Introduction: Cardboard Picture Frame

Get some cardboard, sandwich bag, and a scissor 

Step 1: Cutting

measure your picture and add 1inch to the dimensions and then use the original dimensions and trace it on so you know how big is the frame and cut it out.

Step 2: Transparency

Cut the sandwich bag and tape it on the frame so the picture doesn't fall out when you use it

Step 3: Pictures

The extra cardboard that you cut is used to  put back in so the picture doesn't fall back out doesn't fall back out



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    Really nice idea but a little bit more precise cutting would have made it top!

    4 replies

    thnx im still 13 and my parents won't even let me go near a sharp scissor so i had to use a dull one

    Oh ok! But the idea was really nice!
    I can only use scissors but cannot use a laser cutter because its too expensive :(

    If you have an old PC or laptop I think you can make a laser cutter. I think someone teaches you how to make one on instructables.

    Here's the link