Around the holidays it's handy to have ways to transport foodstuffs. Pies are fairly difficult to keep in one piece, I find. So I designed a sturdy folded box you can use to store two 10" pie plates in.

Step 1: Cardboard Template

Acquire some cardboard. I used a large box that I received some gifts in. You'll need two sheets, one about 20"x30" and another about 15"x20".

Use the template below to determine how to cut, fold and tape your box.

Step 2: Fold!

Once you have the cardboard cut you can start folding the box. Critical parts of the box are folded in such a way so that the cardboard is doubled, giving more support.

I made a miniature replica to demonstrate the folding technique.

Step 3: Finish

And there you have it. You should end up with something more or less like the box in the photo below! Enjoy!
Excellent idea!&nbsp; Too bad I don't have the necessary cartboard lying around to transport my pear pie today.&nbsp; Ah, well, maybe next time.<br />
&nbsp;Very nice, but it needs handles. &nbsp;Also how do you keep the flaps closed?

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