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Introduction: Cardboard Pinball Machine

Two days ago I felt really bored and after thinking a bit I thought why not make myself one of those cool pinball machines that are there at videogame then I started searching for materials and after a lot of searcch these are the materials I used :

6 Chopsticks
Duct tape
(Red, Blue, White, Black)
BBQ Sticks
A Spring

So I made the frame of the pinball machine from cardboard by just making a small cardboard box sort of thing!
And then to make the launching mechanism that will launch I used a chopstick and cut it in half and then glues 2 pieces of cardboard on the top and bottom and then just put a spring in the center and as you press the top the spring will get pressed as it will be attached to cardboard and that will make the launcher launch the ball once pulled back!

The flippers were the easiest as all I had to do was to make sure they were moving around a pivot and then use elastic bands to make the spring back action once hit!

Then I added a rotator wheel and two bumpers and a triangle supporter and some tracks!
The mission of this game was to make sure that you go on the track and finish it without dying in less than 5:00 mins!
I passed the lower mission....the lower track once but never passed the higher track... :(
My friend on the other hand is really good with this so he passed the lower mission 4 times and the higher mission twice!
We both played for 10 turns....

Chopsticks really came in handy to make the frames for the rotator, the triangle, the bumpers, the tracks support and even the launcher!I thought of using BBQ ssticks for supports but they were just too weak!

Here is a video of it in action! The video was made before I added the duct tape decoration so it doesn't look as good as the pictures in the video....

Enjoy watching the pictures!



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    what does this have to do with camera/photo skills...?

    i now like am i right

    Anything related to pictures is acceptable so...but the most themed one will win so definitely I am not going to win...

    that's sooooooooo amazing! You should do a thing on how to make it!

    You should SO make an instructable! This is awesomazing!

    My mom threw away this one coz she says there is no space in the house :(

    I might make another one and if I do then I will take pictures of it being made and post an instructable :)

    Glad u liked it