Introduction: Cardboard Plant Containers

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This is a very simple tutorial that will help you to re-use all the boxes you get from buying stuff online.

The idea is to create small container that you can use to start your own garden.

You only need the cardboard and something to cut it. You don't need anything else (no glue, no staples... nothing).

Step 1: The Plan

Picture of The Plan

Basically you need to cut the boxes according to the drawing of the image. This will be a shape formed by 11 squares (a central part consisting of 3 by 3 squares, plus 2 squares on the side ). You can make changes to the dimensions, but in my case using squares as the basis for the big shape worked out the best.

If you want to try a different shape/dimensions I strongly recommend you try it first in a paper (easy to fold and cut), and then go for the cardboard.

The image shows a few dashed lines, the idea is that you will fold the cardboard following those lines.

In the next steps I'm going to show a series of images that display how the initial shape is folded to make the containers.

Step 2: Getting the Basic Shape

Picture of Getting the Basic Shape

You can see the basic shape (from the previous image), now turned into a piece of cardboard.

Step 3: Cutting and Folding

Picture of Cutting and Folding

I make the four cuts and I marked the cardboard to make the folding easier.

Step 4: Ready to Fold

Picture of Ready to Fold

Mark a bit more the cardboard and get ready to fold

Step 5: Forming the Box

Picture of Forming the Box

Now, you can start to form the box....

Now you can see why I used 11 squares in the basic shape.

Step 6: Box Formed

Picture of Box Formed

Now that the box is formed you need to fold the longest pieces to finish it.

Step 7: The Last Folding Steps

Picture of The Last Folding Steps

In the image you can see how to fold the longest pieces.

Step 8: Finishing the Container

Picture of Finishing the Container

Here you can see how to finish the container. The left side shows how to fold it, the right side shows the final stage.

Step 9: Use It !

Picture of Use It !

Once you have the container, you "only" need to put potting soil and start your seeds.

Remember: the container is cardboard, therefore it (eventually) will leak !!!! Don't put it on top of your computer :)

Remember: the container is cardboard, therefore when you plant is strong enough you can put you plant in your garden or a bigger container outside without having to transplant, the container will (eventually) decompose (Probably you will need make some cuts in the bottom to allow the roots to outgrow the cardboard container).


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-08-29

Looks like it worked out really well :)

heygeno (author)2016-08-21

?...... all cardboard should become dirt !

jardinacidental (author)heygeno2016-08-22

Yes! in the meantime, you can plant something on it and get some free food :)

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